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#2384: No Newt in 2012.

Ann Coulter says several election myths died Tuesday night, including:
Newt Gingrich engineered the 1994 Republican sweep of Congress.

All Newt did was avoid standing in front of a runaway freight train in 1994, when Republicans picked up a comparatively paltry 54 seats. We would have done that if Pee-wee Herman had been the face of the Republican Party. This year, with absolutely no Republican or tea-party leader, Republicans picked up 60-plus House seats.

Republican landslides are apparently inevitable whenever Democrats try to turn our health care over to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
Considering that self-same congress caved in under pressure from Bill Clinton forcing a government shutdown, I'm decidedly against Newt being the GOP nominee for President in 2012.

* * *

Iowa voters showed the Iowa Supreme Court what they think of judicial activism. This is the court which struck down a referendum on gay marriage and emplaced a "right to marry".

The function of the judiciary is to determine the constitutionality of a law. If the referendum was unconstitutional, the court's power extended to nullifying the law based on that unconstitutionality. The court does not have the authority (constitutionally) to say, "Not only is that law unconstitutional, but there can never be such a law which is, which means that [such-and-such] is legal, now and forever."

That's not how laws are made, according to the constitution. But no one has tried to rein in the imperial judiciary because it works in favor of liberal Democrat positions.

Until now.

* * *

I'm not the only one who expects serious inflation now that the Fed is monetizing the debt. Let's face it: in buying debt, the Fed has just committed to printing $600 billion out of nowhere. You can't increase the money supply and have money retain its value; that's economically impossible.

* * *

Here's more of the "Okay, you won, so we'll let you compromise with us" kind of crap.

Best line: "Obama is willing to extend tax cuts for all Americans for one or two years."

Oh, isn't that gracious of him? He's going to let the GOP extend tax cuts for a whole extra year!

God damn it, the arrogance of these assholes knows no bounds.

* * *

Police cameras always seem to malfunction when the police are doing illegal things. But in places like Illinois, it's a felony for anyone to tape police doing anything.

* * *

This Atomic Insights post has some interesting information about plutonium toxicity.

Short form: the dose makes the poison. Plutonium isn't as toxic as we thought it was.

* * *

The Taurus Judge gets no respect.

Look: if you work outdoors in places where there are a lot of venemous snakes, the Judge is a perfect snake gun.

For anything else? Bleh.

* * *

I saw this over at Boortz:

It's a short video on the McGurk effect. It is a demonstration of how the brain filters and processes sensory information. It is fascinating.

Patting myself on the back: I figured out what was going on before they explained it and closed my eyes. Heh.

* * *

Remmyton hit 41st level last night.

At 40th you get journeyman riding. Under the new skill system, you no longer need to buy a new mount to take advantage of the higher skill; the mount's speed scales to your skill.

I wasted 8.5 gold on a swift mount before learning this. *sigh*

Once Remmyton gets flying, she'll have to invest in a flying mount, of course. (Your horse/ram/whatever does not magically sprout wings. Though, come to think of it, that would be pretty cool.)

I'm splitting my time between Arathi Highlands and Duskwallow Swamp, but I'm almost finished with Arathi anyway.

* * *

I think I've got a sinus/ear infection.

Every so often I'm hearing this "fwoosh fwoosh" sound in my right ear, synchronized to my heartbeat--it's my pulse--and when I pop my ears it goes away after a bit. There was a very little bit of pain in my right ear last night, and generally my head feels stuffy.

I've been taking the leftover pills from the RX of Allegra-D the doc prescribed for my ear problem a few months ago and it seems to help, but I think I'm going to need antibiotics.


The real problem is that--when I roll over in my sleep to lay on my right side--the damn noise wakes me up.

* * *

I got nothing done today, and I'm having a hard time feeling guilty. I slept in. I do have to hit the grocery store tomorrow, though.

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