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#2385: Friday night, and what am I doing?

Blogging. Such a stimulating life I lead.

* * *

We've been hearing this crap for decades. When is it going to happen? I'm not kidding; I've been reading about the possibility of traveling "from Sydney to New York in forty minutes!" since I was ten years old, and the concept was twenty years old then (at least!).

I'll tell you what it is. Every once in a while some new guy at NASA or somewhere thinks he's had an incredible brainstorm: if we build semiballistic airliners, we can travel halfway around the planet in half an hour! And with some R&D, single-stage-to-orbit is not far behind it!

...and the old guys who are nearing retirement lead them to a dusty storeroom where they keep the materials and studies and models from the last three times someone had a brainstorm.

Commercial supersonic in-atmosphere flight has been demonstrated to be inviable. Okay, in the 1960s Britain and France built the Concorde, and Boeing and some other companies had designs for similar aircraft.

The Concorde was the only one ever to enter real commercial service. And it was limited solely to travel between London and New York (or Paris) because the damn thing was so loud, and because supersonic flight breaks windows, it couldn't fly at speed over land. It was also hideously expensive and cramped.

What's going to be superior about NASA's idea? Because it'll fly higher? (It'd have to if it's going to travel at Mach 7.) It's certainly not going to be cheap enough for the average person; the Concorde never was.

Meanwhile, out in New Mexico, the guys at SpaceX and Falcon are doing something useful.

* * *

Thanks to union babies, Illinois just lost 1,000 jobs. You know what? Good for Olin! I'm glad they're refusing to let the union push them around and I'm glad they're moving to a right-to-work state.

Illinois is a craphole.

* * *

Whether he likes it or not Obama owns the "recovery that isn't".

* * *

Now who would have thought that Keith Olbermann is a Democrat supporter? Okay, there's a limit to how much snark one can employ, but he donated to some Democrats, which is a violation of (P)MSNBC's "ethics code".

Yeah...the same "ethics code" which let them whine and moan on the air about how terrible it was that the GOP was sweeping the House of Representatives this past Tuesday. Yeah.

* * *

China, which is the US' biggest creditor, is worried about its investment. The Fed just printed $600 billion and China is cautioning that it could cause "another global crisis."

You're really in bad shape when the freakin' commies are telling you that you're screwing up...and they're right.

* * *

All that work I did on the wireless router maintenance manual! For nothing!

Yes, WiFi on commercial aircraft has to be disabled thanks to islamic terrorists. *sigh*

(Not that it matters. I wrote that manual in freakin' 2001 and WiFi only made it to aircraft in the past 15 months. Shit.)

* * *

Are liberals going to demand Marco Rubio's birth certificate? They probably will, as some kind of pathetic and stupid "answer" to those of us who'd like to see Obama's long form birth certificate.

Thing is, it doesn't matter if Marco Rubio wasn't born in the US. The "natural-born citizen" requirement only applies to the Presidency.

* * *

Michael Flynn says Students at North Carolina State University are "unclear on the concept" of freedom of expression. It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic.

* * *

Sarah Palin goes shopping.

* * *

Bob Ross was awesome. Don't let anyone tell you different.

* * *

Over at The Anchoress I saw a sidebar link to "Paul: Tarsus to Redemption" and what caught my eye was the obvious manga influence in the artwork. I might have to check this out.

It's hard to tell from a handful of pages in TinyVision but the art looks like the artist actually understands what makes manga interesting.

* * *

I played WoW for six freakin' hours last night. Remmyton hit 43rd level.

I don't even know how long I've been playing this character now. Since October 22, I think. So in about two weeks I've slammed 43 levels onto this toon? Dang.

I need to get a life.

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