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#2386: Well, that's neat.

I just managed to do a few more pages of Chicory, completely out of the blue.

Over the past week or so I've been thinking about digging out the notebook and doing some drawing; well, tonight I was listening to anime music and thought, "WTF, why not try?" So I took my notebooks and my drawin' pencil and my MP3 player into the dining room. The dining room table is about the right height, and the chandelier provides good light.

...cranked out five more layout pages. Dang.

These pages cover some of the discussion Subaru has with her teacher, Kurata-sensei, when the latter comes to the Fujisawa Inn for a soak in the famous Fujisawa hot springs. This is the discussion which lends its name to the series: Kurata-sensei tells Subaru about how the French sometimes put chicory in their coffee to mute the bitterness of it; and somehow (not sure yet just how) she makes the point that there must be some "chicory" somewhere in Subaru's life to take the edge off the bitterness of what's happened to her.

So it's getting there.

I don't know how long it's been since I did even one page of this nonsense. More than a year. Much more. Dang.

* * *

...after the evil bitch from hell broke up with me last September, I found and--in a fit of rebound sickness or something--threw a profile up there. It languished; after a few days' worth of looking I stopped bothering with it and forgot about it. I just deleted the "new matches for you!" emails from the site because they were never really matches, or new, or interesting.

So I got an actual note Thursday evening, out of the blue--not a "mathes" one but a person who actually saw my profile and wanted to get in contact with me. And tonight I got another one.

Someone is screwing with the laws of probability in my universe.

How the hell does that work? Witness this bit in Fungus post #2375: "A haircut and other frustrations":
My hair is cut short again. Even shorter than last time, or the time before. I mean damn short. Not "crew cut" short, but close.

The hair on top of my head isn't 2" long. That short. Short enough that it really doesn't look all that good to me; but I can't make myself care enough about it to be upset.

WTF: I'm not meeting any women these days, and even if I were, I'm unemployed and live with my Mother and watch Japanese cartoons and play World of freaking Warcraft. Mating chance: Lim 0.

I've have to invent an entirely new branch of mathematics to describe how utterly nonexistent are my chances of finding a girlfriend right now. To borrow an expression, I'd have to invent an entirely new language, and then use all its words to describe the vanishingly small probability that there is a woman somewhere on this planet who would both be attractive to me and attracted to me under the present circumstances.

Yeah. So having a hairstyle I'm not entirely happy with ain't gonna amount to a hill of beans.
A bare week later, I've got contacts from two women via a matchmaking site.

How the hell does that work? How the hell do I publicly announce that, "Okay, I'm not going to bother with this right now," and then suddenly, poof!? It makes no damn sense to me.


It makes my brain ache.

Of course, just getting a short e-mail doesn't really mean much. If anything happens with either of these situations that will mean that bizarre (and probably stupid) things are happening to the universe and we'd all better put on crash helmets. Shit.

* * *

So the World Series thing is why House, MD wasn't being shown this week. Okay, fine; Monday night I checked the satellite listings as far out as they'd go to see if Fox was going to show it later in the week, and found nothing.


Slept all day today, got up, got dinner, then set the VCR to record Smallville and prepared to go shopping. And then I noticed that House, MD was being shown tonight.

[Redacted: many bad words.]

Set the VCR in the family room to record, told Mom what to do to make it happen, lit out for the grocery store.

I didn't speed and I didn't hurry at the store; yet I managed to get the shopping done, get home, and get the groceries in, all before 7 PM. Woohoo! I could watch House, MD! was a rerun. *sigh*

But that means that Monday's ep will be the one with Amber Tamblyn, which is fine by me.

* * *

You know, I very rarely listen to the music I have stored in the MP3 player's internal memory. Most of the time I listen to the music on the SD card. That's the most current playlist, anyway.

...and here I've rediscovered "Ape to Angel" by Pitch Black[NZ], and I have no idea why it's not on the SD card which is my current main source of music. Cripes.

* * *

The other night I was thinking about spheres.

Everyone who knows any science at all has heard of a tesseract. It's a 4-dimensional cube; it's what happens if you take a regular 3-dimensional cube and rotate it around the 4th dimensional axis.

You make a cube by rotating a square around the 3rd dimensional axis, you see.

All of this started when I realized that circumference-area-volume are integrations: you get the circumference first; to get the area you integrate once, and to get the volume you integrate again.

What happens, I wondered, if you integrate a third time? Do you get the fourth dimensional volume of the object?


You make a circle by rotating a line around one of its endpoints. You make a sphere by rotating that circle around any line which bisects it.

If you rotate the sphere around a 4th dimensional axis, what shape is it?

...trying to plumb the depths of Wikipedia for anything resembling a useful answer is fruitless. You need to know something about topology even to make sense of what you find.

My instinct says that the resultant shape would resemble a torus. That is to say, the three-dimensional projection of the tesselated sphere would look like a torus.

My instinct further says that it would act like a Moebius strip: if you set out to walk in a straight line around the outside of the thing, after one trip you'd be on the inside of the torus; and after walking around again you'd be back where you started.

Jump through the hole and find yourself in hyperspace. Probably.

* * *

For one story I'd like to write, I had to think about topology.

In this story, it turns out that Earth really is the center of the universe, and that there is a hard limit to the size of the universe: somewhere just outside of the Oort cloud there is this vast shell, beyond which there is nothing.

Then I thought about it: what does the shell exist in, then? Or is our universe just an inclusion in an infinite mass?

Oh no.

Every point on Earth's surface maps to a point on the surface of another sphere, some 50-odd astronomical units away. You can travel in a straight line from Earth to the corresponding point on that sphere:

The two spheres are congruent. Space curves through extra dimensions; to our reckoning the trip is a straight line, but in fact it's a complex curve.

So X looks like it's a vast spherical shell which encloses the universe; but it's just a sphere like Earth is. It doesn't even need to be particularly large thanks to the curvature of space.

...then my brain imploded.

Unfortunately I used up all my creativity on generating this universe; I had none left over for an actual story set in it. Or maybe I just haven't figured out how to tell the story yet.

* * *

This is the kind of stuff I think about when I'm trying to get to sleep.

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