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#2389: Did Dingy Harry Reid break the law?

"...[H]is campaign and one of his biggest supporters may have violated federal law...."

Midwest Chick has some commentary on it.

Aparently the unions even worked to provide shuttle buses. If this is so, it represents an "in-kind" donation to Reid's campaign, which is illegal.

None of which matters to Dingy Harry Reid himself, because he didn't break any laws, you see. He won't go to jail for this. No one will, because anyone going to jail for this assumes that the Obama justice department will even bother to investigate anyone.

* * *

The Democrats still think it's because they didn't communicate effectively. As long as they keep thinking things like that, they'll continue to get voted out of office--except for media-engineered anomalies like 2008.

The 2008 elections came on the heels of a nearly decade-long drumbeat from the media about how bad the economy was (when it wasn't), how stupid President Bush was (when he wasn't), how corrupt and incompetent the Republican-led Congress was (when it wasn't). Couple that to their kid-glove treatment of Obama, the GOP's nomination of a squishy liberal Republican, and McCain's own truly incompetent campaigning, and you have a so-called "perfect storm" for electing Democrats.

I'm not going to go into the Republicans' idiotic abandonment of conservatism in the wake of the 1996 elections. That was also a factor in their defeat in 2008.

...point being: 2009-2010 the Democrats acted as if they thought the people had finally "wised up" and chosen to be subject to Democrat ideas again, when in fact it was more a matter of disgust with the Republicans, spurred in part by the constant media drumbeat. (Not all. The Republicans were highly complicit in their defeat.)

Then the Democrats proceeded to cram all kinds of things down the throat of the American public, things the American public explicitly said it did not want--yet the Democrats kept right on cramming it down our throat, like the Shover Robot with a loaf of bread.

The election of 2010 was more a repudiation of that than anything the GOP itself stands for.

Unfortunately, the GOP leadership doesn't seem to understand that. The GOP leadership is all set to go back to "business as usual, ca. 2006" without so much as wondering what might have led to their de-election in November of that year.

* * *

New ep of House, MD in about 20 minutes, supposedly the one with Amber Tamblyn. Woot!

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