atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2399: Next up: a 5-day waiting period.

SO I've been dealing with a sinus infection for a week or three. My brother stopped in Saturday afternoon, so I took that opportunity to ask him for an RX for Amoxicillin. I was too wiped out to do anything but sleep after he left, and sadly the local Walgreen's is no longer a 24-hour store, so I had to wait until I'd gotten some sleep today to pick up the RX.

Now, since the symptoms of this crap got really bad, I've been taking leftover pills from the generic Allegra D RX I was given several months ago to deal with the symptoms of the ear canal infection I had then. But I was running low on those, and refilling that crap would cost freaking $75, so I decided that the concomitant congestion and such could just as easily be dealt with using over-the-counter Claritin; and I'd just buy generic Sudafed for the decongestant part. Win-win: I get a cheap antihistamine which I know doesn't make me drowsy (I used it in the late 1990s) and the decongestant is optional.

I had to give the cashier my driver's license so she could run a background check. For Sudafed.

I know, I know--goddamned meth cookers use the stuff to make methamphetamine, and government is doing what it can to keep those assholes from getting easy access to the reagents needed for their craft. But a background check?

I'm buying pills you know, not a freaking grenade launcher!

Ironically, before I knew she needed my license to run the background check, I said ruefully, "I remember when you could get generic Sudafed in 100-pill bottles, and you didn't need to pass a background check." Jesus. And I had to use the credit card terminal to tap a check box that I agreed with 5,000 words of legalese (mostly stuff about the dire consequences of presenting false documentation) (to buy Sudafed!) and then sign.

You know, I intend to buy a Ruger Mk II as soon as I can; I wonder how that experience will compare? I know there'll be a waiting period; how long will it be before there's a waiting period for Sudafed?

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