atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2400: I stayed up all night playing WoW

I wasn't even doing anything particularly exciting; I just ran down quests all night.

I started my evening by going to the mailbox in Gadgetzan and getting my mail: some 200 gold worth of auctions had sold. Then I began doing the quests--quest after quest after quest!--and next thing I know the sun's coming up. Jesus.

Remmyton's now 57th level and has 730 GP, which means I made about another 80 GP on quest rewards and loot from monsters.

I got the "Tripping the Rift" achievement, which is a "Feat of Strength" for the "Cataclysm transition event". You have to extinguish all four kinds of elemental rift (air, water, earth, fire). I didn't know of it's existence until I earned it; it was a nice surprise.

I haven't earned a FoS for a damn long time.

* * *

$69 million dollars. The vase which was once dubbed "a clever reproduction" turned out to be the real deal, and sold for millions at auction. Wow.

* * *

TSA has got to be reined in. That guy get points for refusing the "Touching Sentitive Areas" screening.

Boortz says, "I am absolutely enjoying the growing backlash against the Transportation Security Administration...." I don't blame him; I think it's pretty damn funny, myself.

I've pretty much decided that I really don't want to fly until this nonsense goes away. I'll drive or take the train. If enough people make the same decision, the airlines will make TSA stop this idiocy.

I thought of that on my own, before I read this Vox Day piece.

* * *

ObamaCare waivers! There's a ton of 'em!

These waivers are good for one year, and can be renewed, but I'd wager they can only be renewed if the government allows them to be renewed, so the government can flatly refuse to renew and force these employers to spend more on health insurance for their employees.

* * *

Alan Caruba writes about "the Organic Food Scam" and says:
...the public is being conned into believing that organic foods are safer and better for them when all they are is more expensive.
No kidding.

All food is organic. (Well, except "process cheese food".)

* * *

Years ago I found the online compendium of hilarious IRC outtakes,, and saved a few in a text file. Here's one:
Synoptic: When I play "Need for Speed" it slows way down, and I can't figure out why.
bytraper: its because your gay syn
Synoptic: That's right. "Need for Speed" has detected that I'm gay, and adjusted its performance accordingly.
So last night, while I was playing WoW, I was running around in the Hinterlands trying to find moonkin feathers; and I observed that there weren't any moonkin feathers where the moonkin actually hang out. No; the moonkin feathers were all over an area populated by wolves.

And because I have a tendency to repurpose/reuse/recycle jokes I once found funny--ad infinitum, ad nauseum--the internal conversation could be characterized thus:

Ed-1: Why the hell are there no feathers where the moonkin are?
Ed-2: because you're gay!
Ed-1: That's right. The WoW dev team were sitting around the in the conference room trying to decide how to distribute the feathers on the map, and one of them said, "Hey, I think Ed Hering's gay, so let's not put any where the moonkin are."

...then I laughed out loud.

But after all that, I did in fact find moonkin feathers in an area populated by moonkin. That proves that I'm not gay! ...or something.

* * *

Look, you try making sense when you're sick and in the middle of a nine hour computer game marathon. I bet you wouldn't do half as well!

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