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#2416: North Korea commits an act of war.

Michelle Malkin discusses the implications.

* * *

Teamsters uses lies and distortions against Toys 'R' Us.

I like this:
The Teamsters and the group do not offer conclusive proof in their report that the plastic chemicals in question are in the toys, only noting there is a “likely presence” that they are there.
By the standards they're employing, then, the FBI should charge the Teamsters under RICO, because there for damn sure is a "likely presence" of organized crime in the Teamsters leadership!

* * *

Marko sez:
If there’s something you can do to yourself that virtually guarantees you won’t ever be employed in any sort of environment outside of an illegal chop shop, it’s a pair of freaking devil horns tattooed onto your forehead.
Emphasis his. Heh.

* * *

Poor people have plenty of disposable income, thanks to the US federal government.

So as you can see, if you work full-time making minimum wage, you're not going to live in poverty. Remember this the next time someone wants to increase minimum wage because it's not a "living wage".

* * *

NASA wants to send people to the far side of the Moon. I like how they're making all these grandiose plans without having a booster capable of doing any of this.

* * *

I agree with Francis Porretto on the use of grammar.

* * *

I've run out of smart things to say, and WoW is down, so I think I'm going to finally finish dubbing ToraDora! to DVD.

I did eps 16-20 the other day, and damn was it depressing. WTF, the Christmas arc of that series--I can understand the story being less than 100% sweetness and light, but does the story have to be 100% depressing? Come on!

The one thing that consistently bothers me about anime is how people in love are monomaniacal: they can't possibly fall in love with someone else; it's like propinquity doesn't exist. ("Propinquity": a one-word substitute for "love the one you're with".)

Real people don't usually hold onto a hopeless love to the exclusion of any other possibilities. They don't usually hold onto unrequited love to the exclusion of other possibilites, either. So Kitamura's love for (spoiler) wouldn't keep him from going out with (other spoiler) if she were to confess her love for him.

Particularly not when we're talking about teenagers. that I'm past ep 20, the rest should be relatively easy.

I don't know: it took them 20 eps to deal with eight or so of the light novels; there are five eps left in the series and about 1.5 books' worth of material left. 8/20 is 0.4; but somehow the series ends up with not enough time left to tell all the story in the last book.

Or perhaps the director just royally stuffed the ending.

Or perhaps by the time I got to ep 25 of this series during the marathon that was my first viewing, I was so fatigued with it all that I couldn't think straight enough to understand WTF was going on.


* * * I grabbed Fairy Tail and Asobi ni Iku Yo and added them to the playlist.

The former I grabbed because of Steven Den Beste's "top rotation" of images. Lots of cleavage in that series. The problem: the main character, Lucy, is voiced by Aya "Haruhi Suzumiya" Hirano.

I've always been a big fan of Megumi Hayashibara. She did all kinds of roles; and while her voice is distinctive and instantly recognizable, her characters never sound just alike.

Ranma, Nuku Nuku, Momiji, Pai--you can tell it's Megumi Hayashibara doing the voice, but they don't all sound alike. There are differences.

Aya Hirano: Haruhi sounds like Kurumi sounds like Lucy. *sigh*

Despite that deficiency, Fairy Tail (after one ep) seems pretty good.

I think I--after one ep--have figured out what Asobi ni Iku Yo is trying to do; but it would take entirely too many spoilers for me to explain what I think it is. I'd like to wait to watch more until someone subs the uncensored version, but I don't know how realistic that is.

* * *

Being able to record from "What U Hear" helped me last night.

It finally hit me that I didn't have to wait for any channel to show the ep of Seinfeld titled "The Jacket" to grab a sound bite of Elaine's father. YouTube, doofus!

It took me perhaps ten minutes to find what I was looking for. If that. And so I now have a suitably-edited sound bite of Elaine's father saying:

"We had a funny guy with us in Korea. Tailgunner. He blew his brains out all over the Pacific. There's nothing funny about that."

I knew I had remembered it wrong. My version:

"I knew a guy like you back in the war--always making jokes, making people laugh. Then one day he blew his brains out over the Pacific. You can't laugh at that."

Oh well. Memory is imperfect.

* * *

Yesterday I had to dump 16.5 gallons of gas into the Jeep--I'd been putting off filling the tank because I didn't have enough cash in my checking account. So once I had money in the bank, I dumped almost $52 worth of gas into the Jeep's fuel tank.


Thanks, Democrats.

* * *

BTW, the Jeep's fuel economy is holding steady at around 16 MPG. I honestly have no clue why it dropped after I replaced the TPS; it doesn't make sense to me.

Oh well.

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