atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2418: Next up: TSA for trains, ferrys, and buses!

After all, terrorists can attack them!

If we let them get away with this shit at the airports, they'll put it everywhere. Not just transportation; government buildings, too.

Vox Day says "boycott" and I agree. Don't fly. If you can possibly help it, don't fly.

It's nothing but security theater, anyway: unloaded machine gun, okay. Nail clippers, no.

Adam Savage from Mythbusters got 12" razor blades past TSA. So not only is it a violation of the Fourth Amendment; it doesn't even work.

* * *

Via Dead Man Dance I get this video: a STOL competition.

It doesn't look like they have a huge headwind, either. If I had to guess I'd say this is in Alaska; and the large tires (which are typical for rough field landings) and snowy mountain backdrops would seem to confirm this. That would be a good place for such a competition, as cold air is denser, in which airfoils perform better.

At 0:55 they show a plane coming in at minimum controllable airspeed (MCAS), which is a puff of air short of a stall.

Pretty nifty.

* * *

Today's XKCD was drawn by Bill "Foxtrot" Amend:

I especially liked "At Home With the Heisenbergs".

* * *

Before the WoW servers came up yesterday I finished dubbing ToraDora! to DVD, and I was right about the ending: they stuffed it. They royally stuffed it.

First off, the ending of the anime does not match the ending of the books. The light novels end with the beginning of Ryuuji and Taiga's senior year of high school. The anime ends with Ryuuji graduating from Ohashi and Taiga showing up afterwards.

Second, the ending of the anime doesn't resolve anything. We have a few seconds of, "Oh look, Taiga's back" and then roll credits. WTF.

* * *

Now I'm trying to decide what will be the next series to transfer. I'm thinking Seto no Hanayome and possibly ToLoveRu.

* * *

...God help me: I have the opening theme from "Mikuru the Combat Waitress" stuck in my head. Yeah: the one where Mikuru sings, off-key and off-rhythm. *sigh*

I guess it could be worse.

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