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#2423: The Sunday after Thanksgiving

I woke up wanting a taco salad, so I put myself together and hied myself off towards Taco Bell.

Traffic was below its typical minima; people are either still out shopping, or staying home and trying to recuperate from the hectic first weekend of the holiday.

See, I don't buy into the whole "black Friday sales" nonsense. I just stay home; it's easier.

"You get bargains!" Of course you do. You also have to deal with the other 800,000,000 idiots who are out shopping and looking for bargains. Here's an idea: stay home. 99% of the stuff that's on sale is probably stuff you don't need, so why spend the money?

Oh well; it's not my problem. I don't care what other people do. I just know I want no part in that idiocy.

* * *

I missed the news on Friday--hell, I missed everything on TV Friday, because I was playing World of Warcraft and watching Hayate no Gotoku and doing nothing else. Point is, I didn't hear what the newsies had to say about how the shopping went for retailers. I'd wager that it was spun hard to make Obama look good, though; the economy is always fantastic when there's a Democrat in the White House and terrible when there's a Republican there.

It's all a load of bullshit, anyway; I may have missed an opportunity to laugh at the blatant liberal bias in the media, but I had a lot of fun doing what I did--and so I came out ahead on the deal. F it.

* * *

So I did another five eps of HnG last night, and had intended to take a shower and do five more after that; but I faded out and ended up in bed by 11 PM. *sigh*

Maybe tonight.

...I realized that the last three disks of the first series can be four-ep disks, which will keep me from doing ten five-ep disks and one two-ep disk. The second series is 25 eps, so it'll fit neatly on five disks. All told, it's sixteen disks, regardless of how I do it; and I'm running low on blank DVDs. I'm going to have to go buy a spindle of 'em relatively soon.

I've got 13 blanks left and two disks already recorded. Just my luck to end up one measly disk short. Well, I'll have to hit a store for blank DVDs this week, I guess.

* * *

I'm still trying to figure out what the hell to call Calandra's bear. Rejected:
Pookie (The name of Remmyton's bear)
Bearack (also "Bearackobama")
I really am struggling with this, and I shouldn't be. Argh etc.

I've been giving thought to "kuma" (Japanese for "bear") but it doesn't have a ring to it; so I'm stuck.

* * *

I had this dream where I came across a canal under construction. It was this enormous chasm, square in cross section, dug into solid rock (or else it was concrete lined) and I crawled up to the precipice to see how deep it was.

I dropped a rock off the ledge and counted seconds, and got to 10 before the rock bounced off the bottom; and so in my dream I was trying to do a physics problem in my head to figure out how deep the chasm was. Ten seconds, one gravity acceleration, distance equals half the acceleration times time squared, so....

Never did get the answer, though; I got distracted by something else. It's an incredibly simple prospect, but doing complex intellectual tasks in a dream seems impossible. C'mon, it's 16 times 100: 1,600 feet.

Why'd the canal have to be 1,600 feet deep? Don't ask me. It was a dream.

* * *

Yesterday I saw two glaring errors in the text for the new WoW quests.

First: one of the new bosses in Shadowfang Keep said "would of". There is no such construction in English; this is a common error due to the fact that the contraction "would've" is pronounced "would of". It's short for would have.

Second: "grizzly" where they meant "grisly". "Grizzly" is only correct when you're talking about a type of bear. When you're talking about something that is gory, you mean grisly.

Yes, "grizzly" will pass spell check. It's still wrong.

* * *

Hmm, I could call Calandra's bear "Grisly". That might work. I'll think about it.

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