atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#243: The face of the grass-roots Left in the US

Thank Neal Boortz's "Neal's Nuze" for this one.

A hate-monger thoughtful and concerned listener named George Ellano sent Mr. Boortz the following e-mail:

Hey Lying Bastard,

I am sick and tired of you criticizing Hillary Clinton's health care plan. She is the only person who has taken a bold and refreshing approach to reforming a broken system. When she is elected she will fix the system, and hopefully she will use the FBI to throw ASSHOLES like you, lardass Limbaugh, Con Hannity and the other facists in prison. By the way, your name should be Neal "Baits", because you bait your audience with lies placed on a hook of deception.

"A bold and refreshing approach"? Which century does this guy come from? Socialized medicine has been tried numerous times, and each time it has FAILED to do what it was supposed to do.

Check the infant mortality rates for Great Britain under the socialized medicine system, particularly in the 1960s and 1970s. People would hire midwives rather than have their babies in the hospital, that's how bad it was.

How long do you have to wait in Canada to get an MRI, again? Just what are the statistics for mortality associated with relatively mature procedures such as appendectomy?

Fidel Castro is dying because the Cuban medical system can't manage a relatively simple bowel resection to fix diverticulitis. He's the leader of the country and the Cuban medical system--which has been lionized by liberals as a shining example of how good socialized medicine is!--can't even keep him alive against the depradations of incompetent government doctors.

But tabling, for the moment, Mr. George Ellano's abysmal ignorance of the history of socialized medicine, you just have to love the liberal attitude here: "I disagree with what you say, so you should be put in jail."

Not only that, he hopes that--should Hillary be elected President--she will mis-use her powers as President to stifle dissent, in a direct violation of the First Amendment.

I would wager that Mr. Ellano considers himself an enlightened and open-minded person; that's the really sad part about this. He probably thinks he's a real champion of open debate and freedom of speech... Well, that may be true, so long as you agree with George Ellano--so long as you're not critical of Democrats.

The Democrat position can't stand up to debate; it can't stand up to scrutiny. It can't stand up to comparisons with the history of similar positions. So when anyone is critical of Democrats, their positions, or their ideas, they are "liars" and "fascists", and they should be put in jail, regardless of what the law or the Constitution says.

Making it illegal to disagree--wasn't that what they accused President Bush of doing?

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