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#2426: Man, that took too long.

Back from Mom's stress test. Left here at 1:45 PM, got back at 5:10 PM. Shit.

While she was at the doc's, I hit Borders for a couple more Lovely Complex volumes and also grabbed Spice and Wolf #3, which finally came out. Then I hied myself to Wal-Mart for blank DVDs; got a 50-pack for $19, which isn't too shabby. If I had bothered to think about the status of my DVD supply on Sunday I might have checked the ads for a really good price, but that notion didn't even register. Oh well.

The Escort was low on fuel, so I hit the gas station on the corner of Steunkel and Cicero for gas at $2.86, which is around $0.20 cheaper per gallon than here in Crete.

Then I returned to the clinic's parking lot and waited for two hours. I read the railroad mags which came yesterday until the light failed; then I just kind of sat there and vegetated. Blurgh.

* * *

Over at Doubleplusundead they link to an example of how communism treats the people forced to live under it.

"The glorious workers' paradise" is nothing but a lie, and it has never been true of any communism, ever. Communism isn't about freedom and equality; it's about terror and control and oppression. And it reduces everyone except the party elites to grinding poverty.

* * *

Elizabeth Scalia says we should ration Bono and the rest of the eco-hypocrites. I think that's a fine idea.

Bono's one of those people who talks about how we have to save the environemnt, then takes his idiotic band on a massive tour requiring fifty-five trucks and a half-dozen 747s. Yeah.

* * *

The hurricane season this year was supposed to be worse than ever becuase of global warming, but as Boortz notes, it wasn't much of a hurricane season.

* * *

Another smoking gun found. Thanks to the big WikiLeaks document dump, we now know that Obama's foreign policy with respect to Iran is based on moonbeams and unicorn flatus. (Like just about all of his other policies.)

I'm not entirely convinced this WikiLeaks imbroglio is a bad thing. Sure, it makes our government's foreign policy harder to implement, but in case you haven't noticed, our government's foreign policy over the past couple of decades has been irredeemably shitty anyway. Nine times out of ten the policy has been "America takes it up the ass", and when that hasn't been the rule, the resulting actions have been muffed. The last really strong President we had was Reagan--he stared down the Soviet Union, for Christ's sake!--and everyone in the office since then has been a coastal liberal elite type or a country club Republican.

Even the latter Bush's foreign policy decisions are of debatable utility; although going to war with Iraq did a yeoman's job of keeping international islamic terrorists focused on targets not in the United States, I'm still not entirely sure it did us any other good. Certainly we're no closer to ending the threat of islamic terror than we were on September 10, 2001...or even January 20, 1981.

The people who leaked the classified information to WikiLeaks ought to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (including "treason", if it applies) but WikiLeaks itself shouldn't be classified a "terror" organization. For the most part, it should be left alone. Sure, the guys in it are skunks--what do you expect from spies?--but the thing to do is prosecute the people from whom they get the information. Punish the leakers who violate their clearances; that's the only constitutional remedy for this.

* * *

So today I heard on Limbaugh that the GOP leaders in the Senate are talking about retaining some of the provisions of ObamaCare. Ace of Spades on the story.

Limbaugh said, "You're going to be fit to be tied after you hear this!" But I wasn't. I wasn't because that's exactly the kind of lily-livered bullshit I was expecting from the GOP.

Which provisions? Well, requiring insurance companies to insure 26-year-olds on their parents' policies. "Why not 30?" Limbaugh asked. "Why not until they or their parents die? What's so magical about 26?" I have to agree with that.

Also, requiring insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions. That allows a person to carry no health insurance, then buy it only when he gets sick. Limbaugh calls that "welfare".

Neither of these provisions are going to help reduce the cost of health insurance, and I'm pretty sure the Republicans know it. This is a crass political decision meant to retain the support of people with whom those talking points resonate.

In order for me to become irate over this, first I would have to be shocked that the GOP was taking this position; and because I was expecting them to do something like this--sooner or later--I'm neither shocked nor surprised.

Disappointed, yes. But not terribly so. Because--again--I was expecting this.

* * *

Snow flurries today--little tiny bits of ice drifting down from the sky. Not enough to accumulate, really.

Projected high for tomorrow, when I'll be able to work on the Jeep: 29°. *sigh*

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