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#2430: "The Repair Shop for Meat Robots"!

You see, this is why Michael Flynn is a successful published author. I named this post after the most excellent turn of phrase he employed in the linked post.

...this atheist who works at the Catholic hospital should, as Mr. Flynn suggests, find a job at a non-Catholic hospital. That would neatly solve his problem.

* * *

Every time another Harry Potter movie is released, the same groups start moaning about how Harry Potter is going to "lead children to Satan". *sigh*

I wish those groups would get a grip.

* * *

"Calling a Swede a Swede".
We should not generalize, and it is clear that not all Swedes are terrorists, but all terrorists are Swedes. These radicals have perverted the beautiful Nordic religion of peace and turned it into an ideology of hatred.
...but of course we can't profile them. That would be racist.

* * *

So we are supposed to get snow on Saturday. As always I'm completely agnostic about it; I'll believe this snow when I see it. Not before.

Today (Friday) is the day of the town's Christmas parade, and as of right now I'm intending to go see it. It'd be neat if it were snowing tonight during the parade; but that's just a little too perfect. If it were snowing during the Christmas parade, I'd begin to suspect that I was in a fictional story which had just started....

* * *

One of the benefits of my shelf cleaning is that I got the huge mass of manuals and stuff that were next to the computer put somewhere else. Instead I have a little letter holder (vintage 1988) which is holding my system log and a few other things. There's room on my desk again.

The desk is still an utter wreck from the shelf project, though, with all kinds of crap scattered about. It's going to take a thorough cleaning.

I got rid of a bunch of crap I will never have any real use for. Okay, the bearing from some pickup truck I brought home in 2005 from the mechanic job I had--it's neat, but I have no practical use for it and "neat" isn't enough to justify keeping it, so I tossed it.

The old front wheel bearing from the green Escort, which was replaced in 2005--tossed. I kept it for the same reason, and tossed it for the same reason.

I don't have a penchant for hoarding but I do like to keep fiddlybits on hand--neat machine parts and so on--and they add up. Figure I had a few years' worth of fiddlybits taking up space on my shelves; altogether they might fill one corner of a shoebox but keeping them handy makes them use more space than they'd otherwise occupy.

Putting them into the garbage frees up a lot of space.

I also de-festooned the shelves. I tend to hang things from the bracket ends, and from push pins stuck into the edges of the boards; well, I cleared out a lot of that nonsense and reduced that clutter to the bare minimum.

There was so much dust and so many cobwebs that if I'd collected it all into one spot, I could have used it as potting soil to grow something. (Slight exaggeration, there. But only slight.)

There's still more that needs doing. I dealt with some of the cruft on the topmost shelf, just so I'd have a place to put stuff from the bottom-most shelf; but I didn't get it all. Besides, some of the things up there are anime figures which belond in the barrister bookcase in the living room.

My Pirates cards--you know, I have never gotten to play that game? Ever? I don't know how much money I spent on it, but I've never played a game of it. Shit. Why do I need those cards to be accessible? Just in case Sailor V stops in and says, "Hey, Ed, do you have any games you've never played that you'd like to try?" Yeah, right.

The same thing goes for my Spellfire cards. I could put them in the closet or something and not miss them. They have been up on that top shelf since I moved back from Iowa at the end of 2003, and I've played two hands of the game. In seven years. *sigh*

So it's a hell of a lot better than it was; but there's still room for improvement.

* * *

But not today. This has been a busy week, what with doc appointments and Jeep repair and grocery shopping and major cleaning projects; I'm taking the next few days off from everything I can possibly avoid.

I should be in bed now; but I made the mistake of drinking Mountain Dew, and I'm still kind of wired.

I watched a shitton of anime tonight, too. I had the Tenchi Muyo! OVAs playing while I worked; the dubs are fantastic and I know them by heart, so I could listen and know what was happening.

It's been years since I watched them, and they were made before the digital revolution in anime production--all the animation was done with ink and paint on acetate--so the lines are uneven and there are all kinds of little variations all over the place. And it's still really good.

OVA ep 3, Ryoko and Ayeka's fight in the hot spring--damn, you can't beat that for fan service!

* * *

Speaking of fan service, among the other stuff I came across while cleaning was the pair of panties that came with my box set of Najica: Blitz Tactics. Heh.

* * *

Well, that's it: I just tried to add a couple torrents and was told my E: drive doesn't have enough room to add them. Shit.

I need a bigger box.

...bigger box ain't gonna happen, so I'm going to have to dump the stuff I'm not too keen on to (data) DVD, and wipe it from the drive. I'm sure there's more than enough of that category to do that with.

Example: KimiKiss: Pure Rouge.

Having a look now, I saw a bunch of stuff I simply do not need--non-anime torrents--so I nuked them and freed up about 14 GB of space. On a 1 TB drive.

* * *

I also watched the first ep of Seto no Hanayoume and I'm going to have to locate the rest of it and add it to the playlist. I forgot how much I like that show.

* * * it's going on 2:30 and I'm finally starting to feel sleepy. I'm for bed.

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