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#2432: Snow

We got 3-4 inches of snow last night. Nothing major, certainly not enough to cause any serious traffic problems. I expect that the Christmas parade will go on as scheduled.

The problem is me: my damn back still hurts, even after ibuprofen and rest and a hot soak in a strong solution of manganese sulfate. (Epsom salts.) It's not your general "ow, my back's a bit sore" kind of thing; it's a stabbing pain which interferes with my ability to walk upright. Take a step the wrong way--zang, some midget is sticking a spike in my back. (Sorry: "little person".)

On the plus side, it didn't hurt at all when I was laying down. And in fact it didn't hurt at all until I started microwaving breakfast. So, probably, more rest and ibuprofen will probably do the job, if I can actually manage to get the rest. Hopefully the Jeep won't need a new radiator any time soon....

I do want to see the parade, and if I go I'm planning to walk to Main street rather than drive--why drive a quarter of a mile?--and all I need is for my back not to hurt too much while I'm standing and walking.

* * *

So England and the rest of the UK are seeing record cold, and it didn't take long for the global warming supporters to wind up their "this record cold is caused by global warming!" nonsense.

I'm not linking it because it really is more of the same old bullshit and comic-book science, the kind they always trot out when reality so inconveniently refuses to align itself to their absurd fantasies. I mean, I don't know how many times I can stand to say YOUR BULLSHIT VIOLATES THE GODDAMNED LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS, YOU SHITHEADS without losing my mind.

* * *

When I was at the bookstore the other day, I saw that LEGO is now selling its minifigures as random collectables; you get a single minifigure in an opaque pouch, and you never know what you're going to get. I grabbed one before looking for the price, because I'm just a big kid and I like LEGO minifigs; they're fun.

I saw the price, and put it back.


Come on: $4 for one lousy minifigure? That's ludicrous.

Somehow Matchbox and Hot Wheels manage to cost around one or two bucks apiece, and they're made from metal. You're telling me LEGO can't sell a minifig for less than $4 and make a profit?

I've seen plastic injection molding machines in action; you can make quite a few LEGO minifigs in a year with a handful of machines working bank hours. One machine to make heads, one machine to make legs, one to make bodies, etc.

$4 for two minifigs would be almost acceptable. $4 for three or four would be better. But, WTF--I don't need more useless crap, anyway, so F it.

* * * I went back and looked at the upcoming season of anime and the only thing I see there worth watching is Kimi ni Todoke. The rest of it looks like--to put it charitably--crap.

Fractale might be tolerable. If Dragon Crisis has as much fan service as its promo image, I could watch it. IS: Infinite Stratos sounds like it might be okay. Freezing, too, only because of the potential for fan service. (The rest of it falls into the "oh hell no" category. Especially Hourou Musuko and Starry Sky.)

KnT is the only one I can't wait to see; the others I'm really "meh" about.

Well, it's not like I've got storage space falling out of an anatomically unlikely orofice, anyway. I'm going to have to free up some space just to get KnT.

* * *

So now it's the 4th of December. Christmas Day is in three weeks; and in four it'll be 2011.

I feel Scroogy. Maybe I'll feel different after going to the Christmas parade; and maybe that'll only make it worse.

What I do know is that it's unusual for me to feel like this. I've always looked forward to the holiday season; or at least, I've been neutral about it. But this year I'm wishing we could just skip them, and I don't know why.

* * *

I tried to watch more Tenchi last night, and couldn't. It seems to me like once I get past OVA 7, the quality of the story just drops off.

The opening act of OVA 11 is still visually stunning, though.

I suppose I ought to see if Sailor V would loan me the rest of the series. I've only seen it through ep 13 ("Here Comes Jurai", or "Tenchi Fights the Pink-haired Fop") and there were something like 6 more episodes.

The Tenchi series suffered from long delays between productions. The OVAs trickled out; then the first movie hit in 1995-ish; after that they did three TV series (if you count the "galaxy police" series, GPX, as a Tenchi series) before going back and finishing the OVA series in 200X-ish; by the time the eps hit the US I'd almost completely lost interest.

Besides, the continual re-scrambling of the continuity and canon is annoying. I mean, even the OVA series has like three different canons it follows, depending on who's doing the writing. (Seriously--go to Wikipedia and look up "Tenchi" and check out the page on the OVA series.)

All told, there are like five or six canons: the OVA series is at least two canons, the first TV series is another, and "Tenchi in Tokyo" is yet a third; and then there's GPX and two different Pretty Sammy canons and-and-and. *sigh* I finally gave up in the middle of "Tenchi in Tokyo".

* * *

Asobi ni Iku yo! began exhibiting the same sound issue that the Patlabor movies did--randomly cutting out--and I'm starting to think it's a codec issue. I'm going to have to find a video driver that doesn't screw up WoW and which lets me watch anime, damn it.

Well, that's not going to do itself. Later.

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