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#2443: Now it can be told!

Thursday, December 2, the bunker got a blab slab.

I was keeping it quiet solely because I wanted to see how Sailor V would react when he came over for an anime fest and saw the thing hanging on the wall. Well, his reaction was more-or-less in line with my predictions. A bit later he opined that it would have been funny if he could have come in and said, "So, anything new?"

Anyway, we watched more Haruhi--next ep in line is the first episode of "Endless Eight".

We watched through ep 5 of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun and ep 2 of Kimi ni Todoke.

...and he tried World of Warcraft. He said he enjoyed it; we'll see how much he plays it--but it'd be awesome if he continued to play the game. We'd have endless fun killing shit all over Azeroth.

* * *

I got an e-mail from one of the women who saw my profile on the dating site, who I've continued to trade e-mails with. Sailor V was here so I couldn't properly process it; but I had time to think it through on the way back from dropping Sailor V off at home. Basically her e-mail made it clear that I was being relegated to the friendzone.

Screw that. I just sent a reply which said, essentially, "I don't have time for that shit, so have a nice life." Not in so many words, of course! I said it in a much nicer way, but that was the gist of my message; I finished by telling her that I didn't have any hard feelings about it and that I hoped she finds what she's looking for.

When I meet a woman through a singles/dating website, I'm not looking to be added some chick's friend zone; I'm looking for a girlfriend, not a friend girl. If I wanted that, I'd go to a friend zone website.

There are plenty of occasions where I'm happy to be friends with a woman--but not in this context. "Friendzone" is what they do when they'd never be caught dead dating you but they don't want to be the bad guy and reject you outright--and it's a freakin' pitcher of warm spit; no thank you.

The most awesome thing about it is that I'm more amused by this than anything else. My biggest worry with my reply was how to phrase things so that I didn't come off sounding petulant or hurt; but in fact I realized that I don't give a crap how I come off in an e-mail which is breaking off communication anyway. Let her take from it what she will; if she wants to read extra meanings into my words, that's her business--I said what I meant, and vice-versa. Ha, ha.

* * *

As for the blab slab, it's the Dynex unit I mentioned previously. Having thrown out my back on Jeep work and installing the thing, I haven't attempted to experiment with hooking up the PC input or anything. All I have right now are basic A/V inputs connected.

What I did do was to go to Harbor Freight and pick up a couple $8 HDMI cables. The DVD recorder has an HDMI output; I don't think any of my other equipment does but I wanted to have a spare on hand just in case. Once that was connected, I watched the copy of Hancock I borrowed from Sailor V on his last visit here, and it was displayed in huge-o-vision and AwesomeClearVision.

The TV also has a digital audio output; I could theoretically plug that into the stereo and get true 7.1 (or at least 5.1) surround out of the thing. But that's another feature I haven't experimented with yet.

I'm still learning what and how, and it's going to take some time to get everything configured the way I want it.

"But," you ask, "how did you afford such an extravagance?"


See, I graduated from college in 1996. And when I graduated from college, my parents gave me a $500 check as a graduation present.

I never cashed the check. Problem was, I never found anything I really wanted to spend the money on; $500 was a good chunk of change but not enough to buy something really fantastic (like a personal watercraft or something), and the last thing I wanted to do was to piss away the money on incidentals. So I didn't cash it.

Sometime in the winter of 1996 Dad asked me not to cash that check. It had staledated, anyway; he needed the money for some minor situation that had arisen and said he'd write me another check later on.

He never wrote that other check; and I forgot about it. In 1997 I had a shitton of other things to worry about, including moving to Cedar Rapids; and in fact it wasn't until 2007--when I came across the card my parents gave me, with the check still inside--that I remembered the whole thing.

Mom insisted that I get my graduation present; but--again--there was nothing I really wanted or needed that was both $500-ish and beyond my grasp. (Hell, I saved up money to buy things like my laptop and stuff.)

So what happened is that Mom and I talked about me getting this TV, and I remembered the graduation present I never really got...and so, presto, I got my graduation present a mere fourteen years late.


One of the really nice things about this is that my room feels bigger now. I'm not kidding; the 35" boob tube is a massive piece of hardware and it sat on its stand like the kaaba, huge and black and just a bit menacing at times. I don't know what to do with it; it's too damn heavy to take downstairs and I'm worried it won't fit in the place of the flaky 20" TV in my Dad's room. It's inconveniently huge to put anywhere, but I also don't want just to throw it out.

Well, I'll worry about that later.

* * *

The weather last night was crappy, but not as crappy as I'd been led to believe. I went over to Sailor V's place and picked him up; when I left my house it was raining but by the time I got to the gas station out on Cicero it had turned to snow. It snowed for about an hour or so, then stopped. The temperatures continued to drop until they'd fallen to about 22°--16 degrees in eight hours.

This left a thin layer of ice and snow on the roads. When I took Sailor V home about 5 AM, I drove at 30 MPH in a 55 zone. Nothing could have made me drive faster; the road I'd taken was not quite a skating rink.

I took a different route home and was able to drive closer to the speed limit there, as that route saw more traffic and had been salted mere minutes before I got there. I still didn't go faster than about 40-ish.

But the snow which was supposed to come had not begun even by 6 AM. In fact, I only just now looked out the window and saw that--finally!--it's begun to snow (around 7:20 or so, for future reference).

No idea how much we'll get; the totals I've seen were based on the snow starting around 3 AM.

* * *

I'm only waiting for the newspaper to get here. I don't want Mom walking on the driveway; it's treacherous. Once I've retrieved the paper for her, I'm hitting the hay.

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