atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2451: Thank GOD that's over

...the funeral's done, the after-funeral dinner is done, I'm home, and back in mufti.

I need to get that suit let out a few kilometers. I'm bigger than I was when I bought it.

(Okay, "meters". Hyperbole.)

I also need to get a couple of dress shirts with the right size neck, damn it.

Today I did something unusual and wore a blue shirt with my suit. Normally I just wear a white shirt; but blue is acceptable. Adding the hematite ring was a really nice touch, IMHO; I looked pretty dang good even if the entire package was ten pounds of crap in a five pound bag.

I like hematite rings. I've got at least two; and if I ever get around to finding a rock shop around here, I'll buy more. ("Rock shop" being one of those new-agey "crystal" stores, where they sell things for the new agey types like my ex from Iowa.) I'll buy more because hematite is stone, and stone rings are brittle, and it doesn't take much to break them. I've broken several in my time.

The new-agey ex told me that hematite is a "grounding" substance; worn on the right hand it helps to keep you from losing your temper. So I wore it on the right ring finger.

Still, I'd wager the tab of Xanax I had before leaving the house today had more to do with my calm demeanor than the ring did. But I like how it looked.

I'm going to be job-hunting soon. I need my suit to fit me correctly.

* * *

I had Xanax around 2 AM; I had another around 10 AM--I'm wiped. As soon as all the business stuff is dispensed with, I'm going to bed.

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