atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2452: This is going to take a while.

There are so many fricking things that have to be done, and I don't know how quickly I'm going to manage any of them.

Around all that I have to prepare for, and start, job-hunting.

All I want to do is climb into bed and stay there until April.


* * *

It would be a thing of wonder if I could take a couple weeks and go somewhere warm and not have to think about anything. Unfortunately I can never seem to manage the "not think" part; besides, I have no money for taking a trip, and who'd take care of the cats while I was away?

Maybe go to Okinawa, and lay on the beach with a jug of something, and watch all the Japanese girls go by. That'd be nice. Have a big beach umbrella over my head. Somewhere with WiFi so I could play WoW when there were no women to watch.

* * *

From here, it looks as though whatever job I end up getting will be physically tiring. I don't even know what to look for.

You know what would be a fair job for me? Doing something like Best Buy's "Geek Squad"--being the guy in the back room at the store who fixes people's PCs and does backups and upgrades and stuff. It wouldn't pay the greatest but it'd be a nearby job, it'd use my brain and skills more than my muscles and bones, and it would leave me with enough energy to nibble away at the myriad of little jobs that must be done before this house can go on the market.

The job would pay my living expenses, anyway.

That way--once the house was sold--I could use my inheritance to buy a plot of land out near unincorporated Monee, improve the lot (electricity, phone, cable, and septic system), and then get a foundation put in and buy a double-wide to put atop it. That way I'd have my own perfectly acceptable home, and I wouldn't have to get a mortgage to pay for it--or, at least, I'd have a very small one--nor pay monthly "maintenance fees". Then my biggest worry would be property taxes and utility payments, you know?

I say "cable" rather than "satellite" only because out there, cable is the only way to get fast internet that doesn't add half a second of lag to everything. (Stupid speed of light delay.) Besides, if you don't already have two of the three services, you can get phone/TV/internet as a package deal and save a few bucks per month.

This is actually a reincarnation of a plan I had in the early '90s. I called it "Little Dome on the Prairie", as my idea was to build one of those geodesic dome homes out there. Get a slab foundation poured, and put the shell up in an afternoon with basic hand tools and a few friends.

Well, having seen the inside of a modern manufactured home, I've concluded I could probably get a better quality house for about the same amount of money, and never have to swing a hammer.

...and I like all this better than the idea of paying the $ASSRAPE rents around here. ($650 for a two bedroom apartment? Really? Yes, if you don't want to live in a demilitarized zone.)

My other option is to shell out about $20K for a co-op in Park Forest, and then $450 per month in "association fees", plus utilities. But while it's not a bad area, it's not really a good area, nor has it been so for a while. It's better than the South Side of Chicago; but how long will that hold?

I don't want to dump $20K into a co-op and then have to leave as the crime rate skyrockets, only to learn that my co-op is now only worth $10K (or $5K after inflation). On the plus side, the real estate slump makes it a buyer's market.

Besides: with my "little trailer on the prairie" plan, I don't have to worry about finding places to put the cars. I can park them wherever the hell I want to; and no homeowner's association will be able to tell me what I can't do. I can then proceed to build a garage to whatever fricking specification I want, too. Three? Four? Five cars? Who cares?

* * *

...these are the things I think about when I start freaking out over my future. I have plans; I hope I can execute them.

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