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#2453: Proof of the existence of God.


We didn't get to see this in the anime, damn it, but it should have been in it. They cheated us by showing us a rice bowl instead. KyoAni made THE LIST for that; when the revolution comes, they're getting smacked. They're right behind Apple and SCO and whoever is responsible for Skyline, a property management software package which was the bane of my existence in 1991-1992.

There are others on that list, but those guys are the most important.

* * *

As for me, once my sister and her husband left yesterday morning, I fooled around with the computer for a while...and then I went to bed.

I'd woken up around 5 AM and they woke up a little after that, so I put on the anime playlist. There were some interruptions so I didn't get through the first half of the playlist until about 9-ish, and I decided I felt like watching two eps of everything so I extended it. Still, with the interruptions for discussions of business and family stuff, I was still in the middle of it all when they left.

I ended up hitting the hay around 3 PM; and except for little bits of activity I stayed there, unconscious, until 5 AM this morning.

I mean, I got up around dusk to hit the can, switch on some lights, and feed the cats; I got up later to hit the can again and check on things. I think I had a PBJ around midnight. But I didn't toss and turn much, and mostly I slept.

Fourteen hours is pushing it, even for me, but I wouldn't have slept that much if I didn't need it.

* * *

One of the discussions was over where I'd spend Christmas; and it was decided that I'd fly (blech) to Louisiana for a couple days.

I realize that I said I wasn't going to fly until the TSA nonsense had gone away, but this is an emergency. I am going to give the government a pass this time only because I've had enough of an ordeal in the past seven days that I have no desire to add to my travails by spending Christmas day alone.

See, I could go to my brother's place on Christmas Eve without a problem. But Christmas day they're going to my sister-in-law's sister's home. See, her husband is a lobbyist; he's a very rich man and they're having


over for dinner on that day.

Sure, adding me wouldn't be a problem. But I want no frickin' part of that.

That'd be great, wouldn't it? End up talking to some guy who owns half the construction equipment in northern Illinois, and he asks me, "So what do you do?"

Erm...uh...well, I'm unemployed...and my last job was...uh...stockboy.


I generally don't give a rat's ass what people think, but questions like that lead to those kinds of people asking, "WTF are you doing here, SCUM OF THE EARTH? You're poor! You must be a Democrat!" Then I have to explain that no, there are plenty of people down on my end of the income scale who can't be bought for $500 per month and the promise that the rich will get socked with confiscatory taxes.

All told, it's not my ideal Christmas, you know? I try to avoid politics on Christmas; the last place one can manage that is at a freaking formal dinner party held by a goddamned lobbyist.


That guy doesn't appear to like me much, anyway. Well, that's his problem.

* * *

So with my Christmas plans handled, all I have to do is get to the airport at the right time. I think I can manage that much. I should have 'net access so the Fungus will continue its regular update schedule of APPROXIMATELY WHENEVER THE HELL I FEEL LIKE IT.

New Year's isn't all that special a holiday for me, so being home alone for that won't be a problem. Maybe I'll invite Sailor V over and we'll play WoW and watch anime and set off fireworks after midnight. How's that sound, dude?

(Maybe if I give him enough advance warning, he'll be able to conquer the spootinous gut in time. Heh.)

* * *

...but anyone in my family who expects me to hop right on the business aspect of this is in for a disappointment.

Look: while it has been advantageous for me to live with my mother, it has not been unalloyed bliss. Lacking income meant going to Mom for money for everything; that wears on a man's self-esteem. Even when Mom herself reassured me that it was fine, because otherwise she'd have to be in a home and that I was working cheap, it still bothered me.

Women won't give you the time of day when you live with your Mom.

Especially since the whole thing with her bladder, I've been worrying about Mom's general health. (With reason, it turned out.) Especially after they found the lump in her lung and the "suspected metastatic disease" in her spine. Every week was a parade of doctor's visits, and when there were no appointments I had to know why, and had to nag her about it, and so on. The day she went into the hospital, that morning, I was nagging her about going to see the cardiologist and getting the show on the road with the thoracic surgeon to get that lump removed from her chest.

The point is, I haven't had any real down time, an extended period of time to myself, since...uh...

...August 2008? When I went to Maine for ten days?

Well, Mom's underground, and I no longer need to worry about her health or her doctor's appointments or keeping her RXs filled. None of the business stuff is time-critical; it can wait a week or so. There's money in the checking accounts, and they're all joint-tenancy accounts, so either I or my brother can write checks on them. (I need to find out which ones he's on and have him close them, but that, too, can wait.) And--for crying out loud--it's Christmas week. Okay? Nobody gets anything done Christmas week.

So, damn it, I am taking a week off. I'll worry about all that guff after Christmas. Anyone who doesn't like it can suck it.

* * *

I discovered--while looking for that picture of my Mom for the cosmetician--a pic of the video card I bought in 2009, the Radeon 4850. The pic:

And what do I see in that picture but--over on the left side--"DVI to HDMI adaptor".

...which means I don't have to uproot the house to find my VGA extension cable in order to use the blab slab as a monitor; no. All I have to do is go to Harbor Freight and shell out about $15 for a 12' HDMI cable.

Heh heh heh.

That, however, is another thing that can wait until after Christmas.

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