atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2455: Nothing!

Having perused the usual blogs and news sites, I have found nothing I want to write about.

So here's Mio's panties again:

No one can resist Mio's panties! I figure that'll keep the hit counter moving, if nothing else. Cheesecake FTW!

* * *

Four inches of, as Og puts it, "global warming" fell on the bunker last night. I'm just about to go gas up the snowblower and remove the global warming from the driveway and back patio. Then I get to feed the animals; after that, time to clean myself up and run some errands.


Last night, seeing the snow prompted me to get the Christmas tree out after all. I'm only going to be able to admire it for a few days before I leave for Louisiana, but WTF. And it did improve my mood.

Heck, for 10 minutes' work, I'll take it. (As you know, the bunker's Christmas tree is stored in assembled and decorated form. It's easier.) all I had to do was to get the appropriate stand from the garage--an old wooden crate, just the right size to elevate the tree to a reasonable height--and get the tree out of its closet; remove the cover and plug it in. Instant holiday cheer!

It is nice to have a Christmas tree.

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