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#2456: New desktop!

Thanks to a link from Steven I got Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.

I just finished watching it. That image is from the movie. It is, of course, Yuki Nagato.

The movie's a really good telling of the light novel by the same name, but it's long--163 minutes--and the pacing could have been better. The animation and artwork are first-rate, of course, but there were some spots where I found myself saying, "Okay, move along."

The end theme--blech.

Still, I really enjoyed it, and seeing the story animated cleared up a few confusing bits from the book, so it's all good.

* * *

Today I hit the bookstore and picked up some light reading for the impending trip to Louisiana:
Spice and Wolf 3
Yotsuba&! 9
Bamboo Blade 7
Strawberry 100% 11
...probably the last manga I'll be buying for a while, too. At least, until I can get a job.

The girl at the bookstore who rang me up had been talking to another cashier about how she's studying Japanese and preparing to go to Japan for some internship; so when it was my turn I happened to get her and said, Konnichiwa! Genki desu ka?

I forget what her reply was, exactly, but her accent was atrocious. If you've ever heard someone in anime speaking Japanese with an American accent, it sounded exactly like that.

"Do you speak Japanese?" She asked next, in English.

"Ehh, I pretty much used up my supply of it just now," I said ruefully.


* * *

And now I'm tired; so I'm hitting the hay. Well, I got up at 7 AM and did a bunch of stuff, including running the snowblower. I'm plum tuckered.

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