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#2461: Christmas in Louisiana

Yesterday it was shirtsleeve warm. Today it's cold, relatively speaking; right now it's 45 degrees.

Breakfast is shrimp, eggrolls, and deviled eggs. Whee! I faded out before I could make the cinnamon rolls, and now the oven is occupied with turkey, so there's no cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning for me this year. It's my own damn fault but it's the first time I've not had cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning since...uh....

My brother-in-law and I were at a store with a copious bakery section yesterday. I probably could have bought some, had I been thinking about it. Oh well.

I'm returning to the bunker tomorrow morning. As it stands right now the weather is predicted to be mild enough to allow it; though of course things change and the predicted 1-3" of snow might turn into a raging blizzard, forcing the plane to divert to West Nowhere. *sigh*

On the plus side: right along the route from the bus station to the bunker is a Krispy Kreme, and I'm going to stop and get a dozen. Oh, yeah. And sometime during the week I expect to go out to Merillville to get some damn PecanBons, so this lack of cinnamon rolls is only temporary.

All this should make up for missing out on the Caramel Pecan Silk Supreme pie this year. Not that I need to make up for it; I'm fat enough as it is.

This week promises to be annoying. I've got to jump on all the financial stuff, like taking death certificates to banks and getting the various accounts consolidated so I know how much money I have to live on until I get a job. (I do not want to spend any principal, damn it. I especially do not want to spend any of it on keeping the house going, considering that it's not going to be my house for long. The sooner I get a job, the sooner I can start saving to pay my portion of the property taxes.)

For the time being I expect to dump my chunk of the estate into some kind of CD or something at the bank which has my checking account. No sense taking it to another bank unless I find an interest rate which is just awesomely better--and there isn't much chance of that. Ideally I'd like to get into position to buy that chunk of land (wherever it is) before Obamanomics inflates that money into toilet paper.


...and all I can think about, when I get to this topic, is economic doom and gloom, and it's CHRISTMAS, so F that.

...last night I watched the Christmas episode of K-on! and the first 15 minutes of Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. That was the height of the pile for Christmas video for me. I watched a little bit of White Christmas last night before realizing that I was too tired to do anything other than go to bed.

* * *

The alarm clock next to the bed I'm using--I set it to wake me at 7 AM so that I could check in on-line and get a decent spot in the boarding queue. The thing goes off, I trudge downstairs; my sister asks me why I set the alarm, and I incoherently tried to explain it by saying, "My plane--check-in," which was about the most I could manage to say.

...not allowed; too early. Checked the time on the laptop--six AM. The alarm clock was on daylight time. Argh.

Went back to bed, reset the clock; got up at seven, checked in, returned to bed and slept for four more hours.

Result: A-29. That's fine.

...I saw some language at Southwest's web site about how--if you purchased "Early Bird" check-in, which I had--you're automatically checked in by their system, so all you need is to show up at the airport and ask nicely for your boarding pass(es). I didn't want to test that.

Both flights on the way down, I just headed right for the back row. I don't mind waiting for everyone else to get off the plane. I like having a window seat when it's not going to be an egregiously long flight. Going to the Philippines, it was aisle seats all the damn way, but for a relatively short domestic flight I'd rather be able to gawk at the scenery, such as it is.

* * *

Spice and Wolf 3 turned out to be the story about the iron pyrite. The novel cleared up a couple of points that the anime did not convey very well.

Pity the book didn't come out three or four weeks earlier; Mom liked the first two S&W books.

Bamboo Blade 7 begins to get into some of the story that the anime couldn't get to, including the introduction of Tama-chan's rival. (If BB had had another season.... Bastards.) I was sitting at Midway and laughing out loud at some stuff in the first chapter in the book; I probably looked like a total idiot. Oh well.

Although I brought it with, I decided not to break the shrink wrap on Strawberry 100% vol 11 until I'm sure that #10 is where I left off last. So, I'm down to the text on the Aluratek for reading material. Guess I'd better charge it....

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