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#2462: A safe trip home

Got up at 4:45 AM, got to the airport by 6, and was on the plane by 7. We got put into a holding pattern at Chicago, but I was on the ground and off the plane at 9:55 AM, which was just 5 minutes later than the originally-scheduled arrival time.

I made it to the bus with 2 minutes to spare.

All the way from New Orleans, I saw this out the window:

But the camera didn't do a very good job of capturing it, because the contrast was extremely low, so here's a false-color version:

This is a glory: the camera was facing away from the sun and ice crystals in the clouds were reflecting sunlight back towards the airplane.

All of that was awesome enough; but I also had the row of seats to myself! I took the window seat in the last row on the port side of the airplane, and had no one sitting next to me, so I was extra-comfortable.

* * *

The cats, predictably, are acting annoyed. Luna in particular; and she's doing her usual schtick of being friendly and affectionate, then remembering that she's mad at me and getting annoyed.

My cat, the tsundere.

...IttyBit, on the other hand, is just being a little standoffish. I was plum tuckered so I had a nap; she got up on the bed around 4-ish and meowed at me, wanting me to feed her; but when I went to pet her, she ran away. Heh.

My sister's cats--whew. Because of Katrina, she's ended up with a house full of cats (10, I think, some of which were abandoned by their previous owners) and they're all friendly to one degree or another.

Some of them are little tubs, too. Oh well.

* * *

As for me, I'm pretty tired. I didn't sleep too poorly last night, but I was up early; I had a nap this afternoon, too--but traveling (even when it's easy-peasy like today's) takes a lot of energy out of you.

Incidentally: I did not pass through a single Pornoscanner/Grope-a-Tron in any of my holiday traveling. Nor did I get an enhanced feel-up; metal detectors only.

I didn't see any Grope-a-Trons at Midway. At New Orleans I had a choice. No one asked me what I wanted; I just looked at the two lines and selected the one with the metal detector.

Getting through screening took 10, 15 minutes tops.

Can't complain about that.

* * *

...watching How Do They Do That? and I just saw a Sikh with a Scots accent. Man, is this world diverse or what?

And it's reminding me that I need to take my suit over to get it altered, so it fits, so when I start interviewing for jobs I can look the part.

* * *

I took the 500 GB drive with me to Louisiana, expecting that I'd watch some anime.

Sum total anime watched: the Christmas ep of K-on! (which was already on the laptop's hard drive) and part of a freshly-torrented copy of Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.

I could have left the drive at home; but how much you want to bet that if I'd done that, I would have been in the mood for watching a ton of anime? *sigh*

Well, it's not like the thing took up a lot of room or anything.

* * *

All told, it was a good trip, and I had a much better time down there than I would have had if I'd stayed up here. Christmas was a merry one; getting 1,000 miles away from my problems really helped a lot.

One of these years I'll have to go down there for Christmas and New Years. See, fireworks are legal in Louisiana, and Mississippi--where you can buy 'em year round--ain't far from my sister's place. (Louisiana restricts sale to 1 week before the holidays that incorporate them.) Anyway, New Year's is apparently like the Second Independence Day around there, and that's my kind of celebration!

* * *

So did you hear that this shopping season was the best ever? Did you believe it? I sure didn't.

* * *

...I was going to watch some anime this afternoon, but I fell asleep. I woke up, got KFC for dinner, and planned to watch anime; but now I think I'm going to go to bed without watching any, because I'm f-ing sleepy again.

Oh well.

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