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#2465: How'd it get to be Tuesday?

Oh, yeah, that "sleep" thing. Jesus.

...I have chores to attend to. The refrigerator has started to smell; it needs cleaning. I need to go shopping. I have to write checks to pay bills and get them in the mail.

I also have a lot of business-type stuff to attend to, and I haven't even started working on that yet.

On the plus side, I've gotten notifications from Discover and Mom's long-term care underwriter; the latter included a refund of the unused premium, which is going into the house maintenance fund. And Social Security has been notified so I don't need to do that.

* * *

Every time I ride a ski lift, I worry about this kind of thing.

I haven't gone skiing since 1994; I dislike doing things like that alone and no one I've associated with since then has been into skiing. (My brother and his family regularly go north to Wisconsin to go skiiing, and they try to make it out to Colorado once a year. Have they ever invited me? Not once.)

Still, ski lifts are pretty mature technology; if they're properly maintained, this kind of accident is rare. I'd wager there's going to be lawsuits, though.

* * *

I think I agree with the "satellite" explanation.

The image shown with the article is what happens when you have an unstabilized camera taking a picture of a faint object against a black background. The camera can't focus on the object and the exposure time is long, leaving you with an image of a blurry squiggle.

Reportedly, the objects moved in a straight line at a steady speed. If you see something moving like that, and it's obviously not an airplane, it's probably a satellite.

Nothing would please me more than for us to get pictures/movies/proof of real alien spacecraft; but just about everyone with a cell phone now has the ability to capture video and we're not seeing an uptick in the frequency of these stories; quite the opposite.

Oh well.

* * *

I didn't watch anime or play WoW yesterday. I had intended to; but after I went and got dinner, I ended up watching the latter half of a marathon of Band of Brothers on Spike.

Someday maybe I'll get to see the whole thing from the beginning.

* * *

Also on the plus side, yesterday I tightened up my resume and sent it to Og, so he can talk to some folks about it. We'll see what comes.

I don't know what's wrong with me. Well, no, I do: it's been a bad couple of weeks, and a short intermission in the strain (a nice Christmas in Louisiana) isn't enough even to begin to alleviate that.

As far as post traumatic stress maladies go, the one I'm suffering from is pretty mild: I used to get worse illnesses from final exam stress than this.

But I'm still worried that I'm going to get a ton of BS from certain family members (who have a large support structure behind them, and who don't live alone) if I don't get moving. Despite that, I can't seem to get enough energy to do anything useful. Argh etc.

Well, figure this week is the limit for this nonsense. After this, I've got to get stuff done, period.

...but part of the reason I haven't watched anime or played WoW is that I just don't feel like it. And when I'm not up for those things, you know I'm not exactly peachy-keen.

* * *

"Chance of thunderstorms" on Friday. Jeeze.

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