atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2467: Another thing I forgot about

On the plane from Midway to Alabama, a guy proposed to his girlfriend on the PA. I guess he'd met her a year before, to the minute. (She said yes.)

...all he has to do now is keep her from changing her mind. Good luck, son!

(No I didn't say that to them.)

* * *

Last night I ended up watching some anime, and I played some WoW, because it was too early to go to bed and there was nothing worth watching on TV.

I've had the devil's own time logging onto Hellscream since Christmas; but last night I got on, and ran Victoria around Kalimdor some more.

In general, since the new version came out, leveling is a lot easier and faster than it used to be. If I don't run into any trouble, and quest in a level-appropriate area (and don't waste too much time on sightseeing) I can add one or two levels per hour.

I haven't really tried leveling any of my higher-level toons, though. I've been playing lowbies because I'm enjoying the new quests.

* * *

I just tried to spell "my" with a G: "migh".

It's that old spelling flag of mine: is there a word in the output buffer which has a silent "G" in it? Every word with that sound gets one!

I was going to write "higher", so of course "my" (which uses the same vowel sound) also got "igh" in it!


"I haven't really tried leveling any of migh higher-level toons, though." Yeah. It only happend to "my" because it's right before "higher". "Tried" didn't get that treatment because "leveling any of" was between it and "my" and "higher".

WTF. least I understand that one. Once I tried to write "another" as "anoputy", and to this day I still haven't figured that one out.

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