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#2472: Oil's going to skyrocket but gas won't?

CNBC sez gas isn't going to get expensive even though crude is reaching 2008 prices again.

AP, surprisingly, says otherwise.

Okay: in 2007 we were told it would take three years for drilling in ANWR to produce any oil, so it wasn't worth doing because it wasn't going to fix the problem we had right then.

Guess what? It's three years later and we are facing exactly the same problem and we're still not exploiting any of our own goddamned natural resources.

Gas is going to be $4 per gallon, but some rich guy says it's not a problem--oh, it's only an extra $750 per year! Well, hell! If it hits $5 per gallon that's only an extra $1,500 per year! No problem, right?

Well, there is a problem: the economy began to hit the skids in 2008. At least both articles agree that high oil prices are a drag on the economy.

In 2008, it was all about Bush: he was somehow making oil prices rise in order to line the pockets of his buddies in the oil business. This time, there's no mention of Obama's for-econazi energy policies (like his illegal ban on offshore drilling) and their effect on oil prices.

Either way, when the price of crude oil rises, the oil companies make money, because it costs them around $15 per barrel to pump the stuff from the ground. I predict there'll be more grandstanding from liberals and Democrats about "obscene oil profits", but that's not exactly a stunning proof of prescience, is it?

* * *

Hopefully the GOP won't waste time on asinine totalitarian crap like making oil company executives come before Congress and explain themselves, the way the Democrats did a couple years ago. Congress doesn't have the constitutional authority to make anyone answer for anything, other than when they vote to impeach the President.

Congress--in theory--can't punish anyone for anything. For example, if the Democrats wanted to punish the oil industry in 2008 for their "excessive profits", it could be argued that such a bill was a bill of attainder (unconstitutional) and possibly an ex-post-facto law (also unconstitutional). Congress is not a court of law, nor should it have the powers and priveleges of one (except, as noted, in the case of a Presidential impeachment) and the idea that people somehow have to answer to Congress ought to be laughable to the point of the ludicrous. The fact that we take it seriously ought to be cause for concern.

* * *

Someone's testing a "FlashForward" device. I don't know. At least this one doesn't quote some nimrod saying, "It was just like Hitchcock's The Birds!" *sigh*

* * *

More proof of anthropogenic global warming:

NOAA says this year was Florida's coldest on record.

Great Britain suffers its coldest winter since 1890.

You see, the warming causes a shift in weather patterns, which leads some areas to get much colder even as the average global temperature increases. This does not violate the Laws of Thermodyamics because WE GLOBAL WARMING ADVOCATES ARE SMART AND WE KNOW WHAT'S RIGHT AND YOU'RE JUST A STUPID STUPID POOPOOHEAD--

* * *

I really hope you all got all your Kodachrome developed last year. The last Kodachrome developer has been scrapped.

* * *

Taking a shower after gym class just provides another avenue for humiliation. Your peers will insult and deride you for any defect, real or imagined, and if you have to shower in front of a bunch of hostile strangers you will get abuse heaped on you.

Male or female, it'll happen. "Lookit Betty! She's got no boobs! Lookit Barbara! Her boobs are stupidly big!" Change "boobs" for "penis" for guys. Or whatever. Body hair, pimples, fat, skinny, tall, short, everyone will be a target for the popular kids.

I never had to shower after gym, and believe me, I'm grateful for that.

* * *

Anyway, I'd love to stay and chat more, but I've got chores to do, and the sooner I do them the happier I'll be. (More time for WoW that way.)

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