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#2474: Stupid video drivers!

I thought it was bad when the ATI drivers up and decide to disable the main monitor and that my #2 monitor (the TV) should really be the main monitor.

Today I found out different.

It's worse when the ATI driver decides to disable all the monitors.

This is so stupid I can't do anything but sputter incoherently. WTF good is a video driver that disables all the damned monitors? For no frickin' reason whatsoever? I booted into safe mode, "removed" the video card from the configuration, and then rebooted. On restart I installed the latest video driver.


* * *

On the business front, I sorted some of Mom's papers, and found more correspondence regarding the student loans which were paid off in September. That'll help...I think.

Mom had an enormous stack of address labels sent to her by the US Olympic Committee. She donated money to them when it was still possible Chicago might get the summer Olympics in 2016; and they sent a couple pages of address labels with each new beg, so they piled up. I shredded all but one page of them, which'll be enough to get me through the next six months of paying bills with her name on them. Shit.

Looking over the basement, I've decided I'm going to go buy another set of shelves like the ones I bought last summer, and try to get some more stuff organized. I want to clear off the desk down there so I have a place to clean firearms and do other little tasks.

* * *

The window well flooded Friday, when the snow melted and it rained so much. It's cleaned up now, but it was a bit of a mess down there for a couple days, though fortunately it was confined to one narrow corner of the basement and nothing but the carpet got wet. I think the sump pump in that window well died or something; in any case I'm sick of the damn thing being such a problem.

My solution: once spring comes, dig out the bottom of that damn thing with a post hole digger, as far down as I can go, and fill the hole with gravel to the bottom of the window. Then put one of those clear covers over the window well, with holes drilled to let dryer exhaust out. That'll keep leaves and other detritus out of the there, and four feet of gravel or so should handle just about anything but a major flood (and I'm talking "Noah's building a boat!" major).

There is, in fact, probably already gravel down there, beneath the dirt. It's just that forty years of leaves and grass clippings and WTF-ever getting in and self-composting has led to the top layer being silted up, forming a water barrier. Dig that out, replace it with fresh gravel, presto! Good drainage has returned! No need for a sump pump!

* * *

Today the gut is in fine form; it was bad enough that I got the chills and had to hole up in bed for half an hour to warm back up. I was freezing. The thermostat is set at 70° and I'm a fatass, yet I was cold. WTF.

* * *

Entirely by happenstance, I learned that the new season of V begins tonight at 8 PM.

I'm not sure I care. It wouldn't take much for me to put a DVD in the recorder and record that crap, but I don't know if it's worth the effort. The whole thing rated kind of "meh" when it was on last spring.

Smallville starts new eps on the 28th; no idea when House, MD gets out of reruns. It certainly wasn't last night.

* * *

I don't know WTF is going on, but the house to the NW of this one has had contractors working there since Thanksgiving.

The house in question was, I think, foreclosed on last summer. The people who had been living there suddenly disappeared, and for a long while the grass remained uncut; then some unknown entity began cutting the grass there once in a while, and a "for sale" sign went up. Some people came and looked at the place from time to time.

Then, around (and since) mid-November, suddenly there were trucks and vans parked outside the place every day--painting, plumbing, furnace; and I even saw that the furnace of the place was replaced.

WTF? Did the foreclosed-on owners trash the place before they moved out? Did the new owner try to sell it as a "fixer upper" and find that the market was no good for that? Has someone else bought the house and is now preparing it for habitation?

What I do know is, I don't like all the strangers creeping around my neighborhood every day. Finish fixing the damn place and go away.

* * *

Tomorrow is the 12th day of Christmas; Thursday I'm intending to put the Christmas tree away. We'll see if I actually do it or not....

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