atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2478: Oh yeah

...when I got up this afternoon (grumble) I saw half an inch of snow on the ground.

When did that happen?

Well, the newspaper was not covered with snow, so it must've happened sometime after I went to bed but before the paper arrived. Dang.

At least I didn't have an anxiety attack last night.

* * *

I've been eating a lot of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. There was a lot of both left over from the wake. I haven't touched the turkey; I'm probably going to shred that and give it to the cats because--again--I don't trust poultry of indeterminate age.

Last night I did finally manage to play some WoW, though--before my sister called, and after my nap and mopy post about all the bullshit--and got Vicki bumped a few more levels. I'm running quest chains almost exclusively in Kalimdor (except for when I ran the quests in Duskwood) instead of the Eastern Kingdoms.

I don't know if it's me or the quests, but I've hit doldrums for the first time since the new maps went live in November.

But I finished Un'Goro crater and moved on to Ashenvale; explored Felwood and harvested a lot of herbs to make inks from; then I moved into Winterspring and began questing there. Vicki hit 55th level, and I should be able to do a little power-leveling of her Inscription since I have about 40 vials of shimmering ink. (I said I farmed herbs....)

Felwood's herb population has been greatly enhanced by the elimination of the "corrupted" plants and the associated quests. Unfortunately, it's bass-ackwards: the lowest-level herbs occupy the highest-level areas, and vice versa. I was fighting off 47-48 level monsters to get gromsblood, where I'd been fighting 44-46 level monsters to get golden samsan. WTF.

But Winterspring has icecap, which is the same level as golden samsan, and which is ground into the silvery pigment from which one makes shimmering ink. And it has a lot of icecap.

It had been a while since I last hit a vendor; my inventory was full and I kept having to drop (destroy) things. Naturally I got rid of the least-expensive items; but finally I gave up trying to finish quests and just made for Everlook. There I was finally able to dump all the junk in my inventory, and put the stuff I wanted to save for later into my bank.

There was a sweet shield (a purple) in the guild bank, which I grabbed; I dropped 50 GP into the guild bank for that--and nearly made it all back just from questing, killing stuff, and generally making trouble.

I'm going to need more, though, for my flying mount, which is coming up in a few more levels. Around 400 GP for the training, 40-ish for the mount, and another 200 for the "flight master's license" which lets me fly over the EK and Kalimdor.

Guess I'd better put back some herbs for the auction house.

* * *

...I wonder if my niece has started playing WoW yet? I should e-mail her and find out, though I have to wonder if she'd really want to play with her dorky uncle.

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