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#2484: Tell me that BEFORE I drive up there, dickhead!

FINALLY I had a good NIGHT'S sleep and was able to get up and go and do.

First stop: clinic to drop off TENS unit. Receptionist: "We can't take it. She'll be in tomorrow morning, and you can give it to her then."

Me (surface): All right; thank you.


But as I said, one of the banks I needed to visit was on the same block, so I had to go that way anyhow. It's just that now I have to go back again tomorrow....

At that bank, it turned out that there was no joint tenant on the checking account there: if I'd written any checks on it, they would have been fraudulent, so it's a damn good thing I checked first! I was able to close that account and put the money into the account at the local bank, where I am able to write checks. That should help. And that bank is going to mail all of us the appropriate paperwork to deal with the money there; so that's fine.

I also hit the local bank to get some things started, and learned that I need SSI numbers and dates of birth to get the ball rolling there. *sigh* Still, I was able to get some questions answered, so there is progress! You can't beat that.

I'm going to wait until I get everyone's information to try to go any further. I should have known I'd need everyone's SSI, damn it.

* * *

The poor Jeep has been covered with bird doots for several days; today, on the way to the bank, I stopped and hosed it off at the car wash. I didn't even use any soap; just "high-pressure rinse".

It looks a crapton better. Probably because of the crapton I hosed off.

And with the new battery, damn does it start fast. Crankcrankvroom. Awesome.

There's an 80% chance of snow tomorrow, so a full wash job wasn't warranted; I would have waited but I just could not stand the damn blots of bird poop. I mean, it wasn't just one or two; it was dozens.

* * *

Michelle Malkin reminds us of the left's hatred. She does this because the mainstream media and the Democrats and the left in the US are trying to tell us that the Arizona shooting was because of "right wing hate", when it was in fact the result of "crazy-ass bastard hate".

The Democrats never fail to jump on any tragedy they can spin to their benefit. Never. It's disgusting.

* * *

This same story was the big dire prediction of the 1980s. Only it was Japan, not China, which was going to take over the world.

For the same reasons, China is not going to get much farther (if at all) than Japan did.

* * *

Vox Day, for example, says: fast approaching a state of turmoil as its gargantuan real-estate bubble is showing signs of instability. The same is true of Australia while Japan enters its third lost decade.
As you may recall there was an article sometime last month about China building whole cities which were unoccupied by anyone other than small cadres of government workers. That does not exactly make for "stable growth", if you know what I mean.

* * *

This Arse Technica post on "climate change" really takes the cake.

The slug text for the post, at their home page, begins with this: "We're getting a better sense of the changes that will occur if climate change continues to the end of this century,..."

"If climate change continues"? The climate is always changing and it always has. The Earth's climate has never been stable for more than a few centuries at most. Climate change happens all the time.

Of course, the phrase "climate change" is simply the new way to write "global warming". It means "climate change due to human carbon emissions", and it only reads "climate change" because "global warming" isn't working any more.

No one can take "global warming" seriously any longer because there is no warming and hasn't been any since 1998. The oceans are cooler and the northern hemisphere is seeing colder winters. Because "global warming" doesn't explain cooler oceans and colder winters--unless you're a total lunatic who ignores the laws of thermodynamics--they need a new term for their voodoo science, and "climate change" is it.

But when they say "climate change" they mean "global warming". They still insist that the mechanism is excess atmospheric heat retention due to human carbon emissions; the fact that you can't have a warming atmosphere when the oceans are cooling is conveniently swept under the rug. (The same rug under which they've tried to sweep the Medieval Warm Period and the current extended solar minimum.)

It's all bullshit, of course.

* * *

Live in a famous house for only $1.65 million! The home of Cameron Frye, from Ferris Bueller's Day off, is for sale at a reduced price! Save! Save! Save!

...don't throw any stones while living there, if you know what I mean. And instead of a rare Ferrari, park some ragged beater in the garage/showroom/thingy. To hell with the neighbors.

* * *

But I got some stuff done, and I feel better.

I've got four eps left of Hayate no Gotoku to dub before I start on the second series. 52 episodes is a lot of dubbing, but I'm nearly done with it.

Ep 48 is really heavy on Hinagiku, which is a good thing. Although I am coming to really like Saku, Hina-chan is still #1.

I have to wonder what the English dub of this series sounds like. (I've got fansubs.) Specifically, what does the narrator do? Does he try to sound like Norio Wakamoto? Or does he do his own thing? I bet it sounds like ass, regardless.

* * *

Man, I have to say, that business stuff wears you out. Jeeze.

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