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#2485: To HELL with you,! two f-in' trojans on my machine from that shit, and some shitware called "whitesmoke" which purported to be some sort of "translation" software, and which tried to F with my system when I went to uninstall it.

It's not even a freakin' shitware site, you know; it's a space-related online journal! How the F-ing F F F did that shit get through?

So I get to spend time trying to scrub the damn trojans off my machine. Argh!

* * *

Apparently wind farms don't work in the snow. At least in the UK.

Something I never knew--until my flight home from New Orleans on the 26th--is that there's a wind farm southwest of here. While we were in a holding pattern we flew over it a couple of times. There was snow on the ground and the turbines (most of them) were turning.

What a waste of money. It's a shame that recommissioning the Zion nuclear plant was politically impossible, because that nuclear plant would turn out (already has) about a gazillion more jiggawatts than those stupid windmills ever will.

Here, emphasis mine:
[A]t best, turbines work at just 30 to 40 per cent of their capacity. And in cold winter snaps, often caused by vast, slow-moving high-pressure systems over Northern Europe, winds drop to almost nothing.
So when someone says he's putting in "a gigawatt!" of turbines, that wind farm will generate only about 400 megawatts at best.

Okay, here's a hint about the efficacy of wind power: once there was an alternative, we stopped using it. After the invention of the steam engine (and later, the internal combustion engine) we started using them to power mills and pumps and all sorts of other things. Wind power is stupid.

* * *

That glacier-melting "climate change" socks Atlanta with snow and ice. Yeah, climate change is going to melt all the world's glaciers, sometime after it finishes freezing out the sub-tropics. Don't you worry about that!

* * *

WEERD talks about the stupidity of controlling over-the-counter medications and how effective it is at stopping the production of methamphetamine. Which is to say, NOT AT ALL.

I'm still annoyed over having to get a background check to buy f-ing Sudafed last autumn.

* * *

This Jalopnik article about a news video of a BMW in Atlanta catching fire says, "This is not how you want to dispose of the ultimate driving machine."

Actually? Yes. Yes, it is.

How the hell does any car of recent manufacture catch on fire just from sliding on ice without hitting anything? Let alone "the ultimate driving machine"?

* * *

So it's snowing, and I took the TENS back. Most people were driving sanely, to my surprise. There were a couple of total retards in SUVs who think 4WD lets them drive however they want; I saw one douche slide right through a red light because he apparently doesn't understand that 4WD helps you go; it does not help you stop. (And all the ABS in the world won't help, either.)

* * *

Last night I barely made it through the last four episodes of Hayate no Gotoku before succumbing to the sandman.

Wait. No.

...I was feeling sleepy and wanted to go to bed, but waited to finish the dubbing; then after brushing my teeth and laying down, it was back to the same old bullshit of last week.

Well: I have to admit that my digestive tract was bothering me; that was probably a factor. Just crampy and out-of-sorts, but enough to keep me from sleeping, so I took half a Xanax.

Still, I woke up at about 5 AM and worked on the trojan horse problem. I think I've just about got it licked, and all I have to do now is get the name of the DLL and start in command prompt safe mode, and delete it. Then I can yank the referents from the registry and be trojan-free again.


What a pain in the....

UPDATE: As an added bonus, I finally got off my duff and created a separate administrator account for this system, and changed my regular logon to a non-admin username. That is probably the main reason I keep getting trojans and shit--at least, it's a basic fuckin' security measure that I should have done the instant this machine was finished with its initial setup.

But no, I just let it go because it's one of those little pain-in-the-ass jobs that you don't do because most of the time it doesn't matter anyway....

As it turns out, it's really simple to change user account info under Vista. I just created a new account, made it administrator, removed admin status from my regular login, and then thought, "WTF, is that all? That was too fuckin' easy for this to be a Microsoft product!" I'm still looking for the catch....

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