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#2486: You can't beat the laws of thermodynamics.

The headline of this Arse Technica piece reads, "Are photovoltaics that beat thermodynamics possible?"

The answer is "no". I can guarantee that whatever process this article talks about obeys the laws of thermodynamics.

This article does prove that someone over at that global warmista side understands the laws of thermodynamics: "Thermodynamics tells us that if we put two objects at different temperatures into contact, the two will equalize, reaching thermodynamic equilibrium." Pity they can't seen to reconcile that fact with their ludicrous notions of warming atmosphere next to cooling oceans.

* * *

Another post from over there, this one about lunar geology. Turns out that funneling the Apollo seismic data through modern computers has yielded a rough map of the moon's interior structure.

It's got a solid core in a liquid mantle, with a fairly thick outer crust. This would seem to support the theory that the moon was formed when something big hit the Earth, a long time ago, knocking a chunk loose.

* * *

Crap did I sleep.

I got home from taking the TENS back; I ate the Big Mac I bought on the way home, and then--once the computer nonsense was done--tried to play WoW, and couldn't concentrate. I ended up back in bed.

It was after 7 when I woke up.

I had this crazy dream about being in some kind of prep school for boys--one with a priest for a headmaster--and there was going to be some big fight between a friend of mine and this gang of bullies. Except that I set things up to "discourage" the bullies from wanting the fight. For instance, I got one of the bullies into some serious trouble with the school; and set up things such that it looked as if one of my friends was the son of a Mafia don; and so on. And I beat the crap out of a couple of them, too.

(I was the same age as the other guys, of course.)

But there was a bunch of weirder stuff, too. I kept running into ghosts; these were cute little things about the size and consistency of a large marshmallow. The ghosts exuded an odor of sweet mint as a way of getting children to eat them, because that way the ghosts could live again. (In the dream I was wondering WTF happened to you when you ate a ghost--did you die and the ghost took over your body?) I had to stop several younger kids from eating them.

One of the ghosts was actually a demon; and that one I tore apart, banishing it to hell forever.

There was a scene with a bank panic, where all the rich guys were flying in and crashing their airplanes on their noses--rather than take the time to land properly--and running hell-for-leather to get into the bank. It left a lot of light planes standing on their crumpled noses and burning.

Anyway, the last scene of the dream was happening decades later, after the boys had all gotten old and retired: now they were getting into some Christmasy mischief, playing "Santa Claus" by doing a bunch of things for people. Steve McQueen was killed in a drag race, and one of the younger boys (now a middle-aged man) was refusing to take his place because no one could match up to Steve!

...yeah, I don't know what the hell that was about, either.

But the other night I had the first "falling from a great height" dream I've ever had.

Somehow I'd found myself about 30,000 feet up without airplane or parachute; I was standing on a "gravity puck" which was slowing my fall to something reasonable. But I somehow fell off the thing, and missed grabbing it; as I fell, watching the ground get closer, I took inventory of what I had with rising panic. I called my buddy on the ground via comlink and told him of my predicament, specifying that I didn't have any more gravity pucks; "Tell everyone I love them," I said, and closed the link. I watched the ground get closer, thinking, This is gonna suck.

Then I realized, "Wait! This is a dream! People always wake up before they hit the ground, so all I have to do is wake up!"

But I didn't wake up--not really. What happened is that I "woke up" into a different dream, of which I remember very little, except that the bed I was sleeping in was a lower bunk in a Quonset hut somewhere, like an old air base or something.

The gravity puck was about the size of an 8mm videotape--a bit bigger than a deck of cards--no wonder I fell off the damn thing.

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