atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2487: Whining F-ing maggots

Apparently a bunch of crybabies are whining about the difficulty of the heroic dungeons in the "Cataclysm" expansion to WoW.

To which I say, "Boo hoo! Cry me a river!"

Most of these whiners are probably people who've had 80s since a month or so after "Lich King" came out (in 2008) and who have spent so much time gearing their characters for LK raids, they've gotten to the point of being able to routinely beat the bad guys in the LK dungeons. I'd expect they're the same kind of assholes who yell at players who are venturing into endgame content for the first time and make mistakes. "I don't care if you're playing your first 80! When you group with me, you'd better know what you're doing!" They're elitist assholes who don't seem to get that a) it's just a goddamned game, and b) not everyone spends their entire lives at the computer playing WoW.

Then they get into new content, which requires that they learn new dungeons, and that they acquire better gear than they have...and they cry that it's "too hard" and "not fun" because--gasp!--their characters are dying in a game named World of Warcraft.

If you can't take it when your character dies, give up WoW and go play Hello Kitty's Island Adventure or Lego Island or something. Myst--go play Myst. You don't die in Myst!

"You don't understand! My toon has elite gear, and when he dies, it costs me [mega] gold to get my gear repaired!"

TOUGH SHIT. NOBODY CARES. A top-level character can make a hundred gold an hour, easy, just by running around and killing top-level monsters in the top-level zones. If you run instances, you get plenty of gold that way, too. And gear takes damage from combat, anyway, so what the hell are you bitching about? If you're so worried about how much it costs to repair your gear, why don't you just go stand around in Dalaran and /yell stupid juvenile sex-related shit like the rest of the brainless assholes?

I agree 100% with the philosophy that the endgame content is supposed to be hard to complete. As far as I know, Blizzard has always striven to maintain game balance in all its products, so that you didn't suddenly run into a brick wall that only luck and hair-trigger reflexes could surmount. They build things purposely to be challenging without being impossible.

Pity some whiny crybabies don't understand that.

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