atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2490: So that's why my machine was still running like crap.

The computer was still running slow and acting up, so I had a gander at the autostarted programs.

'Way deep in C:\PROGRAMDATA there was this little thing running called "SYSADVAPI32.EXE", and it was autostarting by being put in the STARTUP folder. Even better, the program name was in Chinese.

I had to reboot into command prompt safe mode to delete it; then I restarted, logged on with the admin account, and checked the registry for any reference to that file. It found none; so I logged out and logged in as a regular user.

The thing's not acting up now. I think I finally eradicated the last traces of the trojan I got from the other day.

I also notice that the feed from in my AT&T email home page hasn't worked correctly for the past couple of days. I think they're chasing bugs over there....

* * *

Yeah: "What are you doing up so early?" Technically, I'm up late. I ran out of steam last night around 11-ish and hit the hay, intending to sleep all night; but I woke up sometime after two AM with an empty stomach. I nuked and ate a pot pie, and ended up playing WoW for a while. Now I'm sleepy, and I have all that stuff to do; I'm going to hit the hay for a few hours and then get cracking.

Well--if all goes well next week, I'm going to have a lot fewer opportunities to laze about doing the otaku thing all the time; I guess I'd better enjoy it while it lasts.

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