atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2491: COME ON

Firefox has crashed on me some four times this morning.

Now I have to do stuff that can't be done unless I close Firefox.

Here are a bunch of links:

US bond ratings suck.

Feminized society treats all men as pedophiles.

New Jersey thinks about issuing license plates for bicycles, which is stupid.

The left shows its inability to cope with Sarah Palin by increasing its death threats against her to an all-time high.

Ann Coulter says liberals seek a ban on metaphors.

Montana continues to lead the way in the fight against overreaching federalism.

Nursing school drops abortion procedure experience requirement after one day.

Download Adobe Flash--oh, that's what I'm doing that's making me close Firefox. Never mind that one; I just got into a pattern.

I'll come back later and add real commentary to this. Or maybe not.

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