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#2502: I'm freaking out, here.

Og cautioned me, Tuesday night, to expect that they'll take a week to decide what they think of me.

If today is any example, it is going to be a long friggin' week.

I'm fine when I have things to do. I went and did my errands, and right now I'm logged in as administrator--oh. I've got to back up a bit.

See, I drove out to Merrillville for Cinnabons; and on the way there I was thinking about my storage problem when--like a bolt from the blue--it hit me: I don't have to replace the 1 TB drive with a 2 TB drive.

See, this machine has three hard drives in it; I replaced the C drive in 2009 (as I recall) but the D drive hasn't been replaced since I put it in, and it's a 160 GB drive. (It's also basically full.) If I replace that drive with a 1 TB drive ($90 at Best Buy) I'll have an additional, what, 750 GB at least once I copy the data from the 160 GB drive over to it.

So start sending torrents to that drive instead of the E drive, and I'll be in good shape. Right?

Realizing this, I decided I'd stop at the next Best Buy I saw and look over their hard drives.

Had a bit of a scare at the mall in Merrilville: Cinnabon wasn't in the food court! They closed it! My prediction that NASA would be sending a moon mission in 2018 to get cinnamon rolls from the last existing Cinnabon store was coming true!

...checked the directory and found that, no, it's not in the food court, but if I walked out of the food court and made two right turns about 100 yards apart, I'd end up very close to where the damn Cinnabon store has always been. *sigh*

In my defense, it's been more than a year since I was last out that way.

Got my cinnamon rolls, and then left the mall. I saw the Best Buy across the street and headed over there.

The Western Digital 2 TB drive is about $130 there, but it's a 5400 RPM drive (translation: SLOOOOOW) in their "green" line, and I do my damnedest to avoid anything called "green" that sacrifices performance for the sake of a "green" label. If I wanted a fast 2 TB drive (7200 RPM) it would cost $180.

Optimally I'd like to replace the 1 TB drive with a 2 TB drive, but that price was just beyond the pale; so I decided on replacing the 160 GB drive with a 1 TB and redirecting torrents to that drive.

And I had my choice of drives in that size; I selected a Seagate Barracuda 1 TB drive, 7200 RPM spindle speed, 32 MB buffer, etc--a typical 1 TB drive, in other words--and it was $90, which is not-bad, so I grabbed it.

Then I stopped at Harbor Freight and got that 12' HDMI cable I'd been thinking about.

So: now I'm logged in as administrator while the drive formats, since my regular account (demoted after the rootkit fiasco) doesn't have the juice to format new hard drives.

I couldn't resist hooking the blab slab up to the PC; and HOLY SHIT! did WoW look good on it! It was incredible! The detail was amazing, the colors vivid, the view panoramic; I wanted to spend a couple of hours just on sightseeing. I'm not kidding or even exaggerating when I say it was so beautiful I wanted to weep.

Problem is, the mouse doesn't work correctly for some reason: the WoW client "sees" the mouse as being about two hundred pixels to the right of where the hardware cursor actually is. I can click on stuff on the right side of the screen, but not the left; it makes doing things a royal pain in the ass. I wanted to get started on getting the hard drive formatted and bolted in, so I didn't (and don't) really have any time to mess around with it.

But I'm thinking, now, about getting a smaller 1080p HDTV and using it as my main monitor--say, perhaps, a 26" or so. I bet it would be awesome; but that'll have to wait for gainful employment.


This is like the Game: I'm fine as long as I don't think about the job situation or interviews or anything related to employment; but the instant I do, it all comes flooding back:



That's how I feel. *sigh* I start thinking about my complete lack of experience with repairing machine tools, and how they're going to have to train me; I start thinking about all the strikes I've got against me, including being out of the technical field for a decade. One of the six guys that interviewed me seemed to think he was wasting his time by interviewing me; maybe that was mind game and maybe it was his actual attitude. It was stressed several times that I didn't know beans about machine tools and that they really wanted to hire someone who already had experience with them, and that the only reason I was there that I had been recommended by their A-number-one guru.

I have to keep reminding myself to leave it in God's hands. I've done what I can; the rest is beyond my control. But damn, it's not easy; and I'm going to have to take a Xanax to sleep tonight, I just know it....

* * *

Anyway, besides the various errands I ran, I also got the sink cleaned out and the dishes washed and my laundry done. As long as I get the trash out to the curb before the garbage truck comes around tomorrow morning, I'm in great shape.

I still need to clean the kitchen, but just getting the dishes washed helped a lot. Mainly, now, I need to put the cat food away.

Dinner tonight will be my first attempt at lemon-pepper chicken. I wish I'd had Mom show me how she makes it; now I have to teach myself. And once it's done, I'm going to take that Xanax and collapse, because I'm really tired of freaking out every eighty minutes.

But first the laundry has to finish, and the hard drive business has to get done so I can button the case back up. (The format is at 90% as I write this.)


"Now I know what Japanese students feel like after they've taken entrace exams!" Yeah. I didn't really need the real-world example to understand the concept of being on tenterhooks. (More like "eleventerhooks". No, "thousanterhooks". "Millionterhooks". *sigh*)

Eventually, though, I'll wear myself out and fall asleep. (I'll probably then have all kinds of bizarre anxiety dreams, too, hence the Xanax.)

* * *

It's January 20th and the Christmas tree is still in the front window. I've got to find the gumption to put that thing away soon, damn it.

* * *

Everything I'm hearing about the economy and housing market tells me I'm going to be living in this house for several more years. Today, I was thinking about it, and realized that if things go the right way I could conceivably just buy the place from my siblings and get an automatic 25% discount on the purchase price, since I already own 1/4 of it.

It would mean living in the People's Republic of Illinois, and it would mean paying the egregious property taxes here; but it's a nice town and I already know everything about the house.

Just have someone install a 240 line in the garage so I can have a serious welder, compressor, and maybe a powdercoating oven....

This kind of thing wouldn't happen before 2015 at the earliest, anyway. My brother thinks this place will be on the market for two years, and it's unlikely at best that we'll have the place ready for sale before 2012 in any event--so the realistic estimate is 2014 before it sells, and that assumes a steady state economy, with no further disruptions. (And that's not the way to bet.)

...gadzooks I hate having to worry about all that. But at least it keeps me from worrying about...




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