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#2503: Pizza Hut!

Sitting here playing WoW, I was getting hungry, and thinking about how long it's been since I had a pizza from Pizza Hut.

...okay: about a month, actually, because I had a personal pizza from a Pizza Hut kiosk at Birmingham Airport, after which I wrote a brief blog entry about IUDs showing up on TSA's Grope-a-Tron pornoscanners.

But the last time before that was 2003. So I dropped out of WoW, brought up the browser, and checked out Pizza Hut's web site for a menu--and discovered I could just place the order on-line, so I did.

The nearest Pizza Hut is Schererville; the next-nearest is Matteson. There are fewer traffic lights and stupid assholes between here and Matteson, I figured, so I went that way.

I'm not kidding: the people who I encounter on the route to Schererville are incredibly stupid drivers. I always get behind some moron who can't figure out that "speed limit 45" means that he can actually go that fast without worrying about police--usually only in a no-passing zone, so an 8 mile drive ends up taking half an hour--and at the same time I end up in front of some moron who thinks that "speed limit 45" means you can safely go 85 regardless of the conditions, so he tailgates me and drives as far to the left as possible so as to fill up my mirror with his stupid car.

I want to stop, drag the asshole out of his car, and shake him while yelling: "Anus, I know you're back there, and that you're really unhappy that we're not all going mach 9 when you've got one of those extra-special driver's licenses which allow you to break whatever traffic laws you want.

"I know, and I don't care one jot."

Then club him with a tire iron until candy comes out.

But I can't do that; so instead I decided I'd go to Matteson. The pizza cost all of $10 for a medium supreme, and all told it was about forty minutes for me to go get some money at the ATM, drive out there, get the pizza, drive back, and feed the cats before sitting down here with my 'zza and a cold Pepsi.

When I lived in Cedar Rapids, I was perhaps a mile from a delivery/pickup-only Pizza Hut store; I'd order whatever pizza I had a coupon for, and ask for delivery; I'd give a 20% tip to the delivery guy, too. All told, I got a good pizza for about $13.

A friend of mine who delivered on the other side of town (for Domino's, I think) told me I was a pizza delivery guy's dream customer: someone who lives really close to the place and who also tips well.

I wouldn't mind having Pizza Hut deliver here, but I'm outside their delivery area.

I live in a town where the pizza place is an Aurelio's. They make good pizza, don't get me wrong, but it's expensive: the pizza I got from PH for $11 would cost $20, easily, from Aurelio's. And if you want it delivered, it's even more than that.

And IMHO it's not any better quality than the PH pizza is.

* * *

Three slices later, though, I feel happy and my stomach is full.

Last night's dinner did not go as planned. I tried making lemon-pepper chicken; it came out all right but not as flavorful as when my Mom used to make it. I ended up with "vaguely lemon-pepper flavored chicken". I'm not sure what I did wrong; it also tasted salty even though I didn't add any salt to the thing. (Lemon juice doesn't have salt in it, IIRC, and I used freshly-ground pepper, so I have no clue where the salt came from.)

Still, it tasted good enough and I enjoyed it. Problem is, when I went to bed, my stomach was hurting; it was probably from stress, but it still sucked.

We'll see how I do tonight.

* * *

So after all the computer hardware nonsense yesterday, now I've got 790 GB of free space again. I've already reconfigured uTorrent to dump new torrents to the D drive, so that's no problem.

Although I've known Moore's Law for decades, I still can't get over how friggin' huge hard drives have gotten in the past 12 years or so. In 1998 I was pleased to put a 2 GB drive in my machine; now I'm putting a 1 TB drive in for about 75% of the cost of that 2 GB drive and thinking that it should hold me for about six months or so....

Of course, in 1998, fansubs came on VHS cassettes, because few people had the bandwidth to download 150 MB files all the damn time, but mostly because hard drives were only single-digit GB in size.

What we all really need is a good backup solution that doesn't cost thousands of dollars. You can get a tape drive that will store multiple terabytes on a single tape, but the drive costs about two grand and the tapes aren't exactly cheap, either.

I mean, Blu-Ray recordables store about 50 GB; to do a bit-level data-only backup of my system right now it'd only take about 24 of them, at about $20 apiece....

Oh, wait. If I used the single-layer 25 GB disks (instead of the dual-layer 50 GB disks) I could get them in 10-packs for about $16 a pack, and that would only require about fifty disks, so that'd be $80 worth of BD-R disks. Instead of, y'know, $480.


...not to mention, that's a lot of shuffling of disks. I could get an automated changer to do the disk shuffling, but then we're talking thousands of dollars again.

Used to be you could get a tape drive for a reasonable amount of money, and the tapes weren't too pricey, and you could fit multiple backups on one tape. But that was when hard drives maxed out somwhere around half a gigabyte....

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