atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2504: Saturday lull

It was so damn cold last night I've been trying to hibernate. All I feel like doing is sleeping.

* * *

I'm planning on Hamburger Helper for dinner, so hopefully I won't have to go anywhere tonight. I managed to stay in all day (but for getting the paper this morning, and that only meant going out to the front yard). The pizza is already gone; I've got one Cinnabon left since I've been eating them at the rate of 1 per day.

* * *

I played WoW since I got up around noonish; Vicki finally hit 69th level, for which I'd been waiting quite a while: that's when she finally had enough points in her talent tree to get "Titan Grip", which allows her to wield two-handed weapons as one-handed weapons...and even better, dual-wield them. So now she's wielding two two-handed weapons, and she can lay the smackdown like nobody's business.

Going to the Borean Tundra at 68th level turned out to be a suicide mission; I kept getting killed doing the lowest-level quests available there, so I gave up and went back to Outland, and I'm staying there until I hit 70th at least.

Anyway, having gotten her halfway to 70th from 69th, I'm a bit tired of playing WoW at the moment, so I think I'm going to dub some B Gata H Kei to DVD.

Sailor V hasn't so much as logged on since the 1st of the year. Here he upgraded to a paid account and everything....

* * *

The anti-malware scan began running just before I started WoW, and it's nearly done now--I should probably exclude the E: drive since all it really has on it is videos--and it's reporting no trojans or anything. Yay.

* * *

The Humane Society sent my Mom this "blanket" which is barely bigger than a medium-sized towel. It's a print of puppies and kittens riding in a sleigh. Of course, this was meant as a way of guilting the recipient into sending them money.

I tossed out everything but the "blanket", which I folded up and put down as a cat bed. Luna seems to like it.

* * *

So the latest "Domo Chicken" episode came out. It was released as an "OAD", apparently with the "limited edition" release of the ninth volume of manga.

It was the story of the trip to Aoki-sensei's family home. (It's the one which includes the scene where his sister eaches Mimi how to use tampons. WTF.)

...that's as far as I got with the manga, so I guess there would be more manga available now somewhere. It's just a matter of finding it, I guess.

Still wanting Houin-sensei in my harem, damn it.

Someone has been subbing and releasing Mizuiro Jidai; we'll see if they go any farther than ep 12. There are something like 15 or 18 eps of it, all told; it was not a popular series when it was being animated and the production company stopped making episodes, but they had some OVA eps in the pipeline which they converted into TV eps. 12 is as far as the fansub-to-videotape went; the circle that was doing the fansubs never did actually do the entire series, even after it came out on DVD, apparently because the DVDs were so crappy.

There was another series the same circle just dropped, for no apparent reason, and when I enquired about it the answer that came back was a curt--and uninformative--"We're not going to do any more of [whatever it was]."

Anyway, I've got through ep 11 as "digisubs" (ie computer video files) and 12 is downloading; we'll see if any more appear. It'd be nice to see the rest of it.

* * *

Though I was able to play WoW just fine with it running, even so, the malware scanner is a resource hog.

* * *

Anyway, that's all I've got. It's not like I'm doing anything, y'know.

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