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#2505: Man, what a lump I am.

I thought I was lazy on Saturday? No. Today I'm worse.

Breakfast was the last Pecanbon, with the last of the milk; then I went back to bed and slept for four more hours. Got up with a headache, sprinkled the last of the rock salt on the freakin' sheet of ice that is the driveway, then had leftover Hamburger Helper and a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.

I'm going to have to go to the store for milk and salt, at least, pretty soon.

Last night I dubbed all of B Gata H Kei to DVD; and by fiddling with Media Player Classic I discovered how to force it to put the subtitles inside the video frame, rather than at the bottom of the playback window; so now, when I have a title that's 16:9 format, I can set the TV to display it using the whole screen, and not cut off the subtitles.

Twelve eps at one sitting was a bit much. But it was still good.

* * *

Worst part of my morning: when I first woke up it was to a broken tooth.

Something up front didn't feel right, and when I investigated, this hunk of tooth just popped loose from its place and fell out. That's annoying for a variety of reasons; but the most galling thing is that there has been no pain whatsoever from that tooth or anything indicating that there was anything wrong with it. Maybe a little rough spot on the biting surface, but nothing else--then this.

Anyway, it's not sensitive to hot or cold, and it doesn't hurt when I tap on it, so hopefully I can get in to see the dentist Monday or Tuesday and have him patch it up without it costing me a thousand freaking dollars. Shit.

* * *

Vox Day has a good picture-link on the student loan scam.

Everything in that picture is 100% true.

* * *

Islam's useful idiots.

* * *

One anus has decided that "human rights imperialism" is wrong:
Kinzer has freshly arrived at the blinding and quite correct realization that the “human rights movement” and “Western imperialism” are one and the same. And having become aware of this, you’d think that as a human rights activist, he’d have a life-altering epiphany: Perhaps I’ve been wrong about what I call “imperialism” this whole time. Maybe it is a force for good after all.
Nope. Because America and Western Civilization can never be right. It's always wrong, no matter what; so the idea of universal human rights must also be wrong.

So you see, you can't expect anyone not to torture and rape and maim and kill people en masse because that's just a viewpoint from your patriarchal, phallocentric Western Civilization. Not all cultures share that, and the cultures which allow those in power to torture and rape and maim and kill groups of people are just as valid as yours is, you inherently racist European motherfucker. That whole "respect for life" thing is just another way you oppress the downtrodden!

(See, that's why I said "anus".)

It really is neat to see the left implode, though. From this kind of thinking it's not too far to the "dustbin of history", and I for one can't wait to see 'em make the trip.

* * *

...that sample paragraph I wrote above made my headache worse, though. I would find it infinitely depressing that I can write the lefty-speak so fluently, but for that.

* * *

The list of chores for today is pretty minor, yet I approach it with dread:

Clean cat boxes
Take out trash
Run dishwasher
Replace furnace filter
Water plants
*sigh* It's not like I have to go bale a field's worth of hay or something. Crap.

Tomorrow morning my first step is to call the dentist and see about getting in to see him and get this tooth fixed. It would have to be a front tooth; the last thing I want is to go to banks (and maybe job interviews) and give people a snaggle-toothed grin, you know? I figure they have enough problems with me standing there needing something. If it were a tooth that's not visible when I smile it wouldn't have to be done right away.

After I call--depending on the results of the call--I'm going to hit at least one of the banks left on my list and get the paperwork started there. I'm either going to go see the dentist immediately, or else I'm going to be waiting a day or so, depending on his availability. I won't be going to any banks the day I see the dentist, because I hate trying to conduct business when I've got so much novocaine in my face that I can't talk straight. (Or keep myself from drooling.)

Regardless, I have to call the first bank I went to and say, "Okay, it's been two weeks since I was in to talk to you folks. I was told you'd send me the paperwork, and I haven't gotten anything from you, so WTF?"

* * *

A few things I noticed about B Gata H Kei:

1) The uncensored version didn't show anything the Japanese have traditionally not shown on TV.

2) Their first year of high school, Yamada and Kosuda were in class 1-B. During their second year, they were in class 2-H. As in B Gata H Kei, you see.

3) Yamada's rival, Kyouka Kanejou, has a pun for a surname. Her last name means "rich girl": kane means "money" and jou is "young woman" or "princess".

4) Their homeroom teacher, Akai-sensei, always wears red clothing. Akai means "red".

5) I thought this series was based on an eroge, but I just learned that it's from a 4-panel comic.

6) I have to wonder about Aoi Katase. She's a background character in the series, a kind of sleepy-eyed girl who is there mainly to provide a counterweight to the genki and pettanko Mami Misato. There's a scene in the last episode where we see what all the characters pray for at hatsumoude; she wished for a boyfriend who didn't cheat on her--and at the time, still thinking it was based on an eroge, I wondered if the "Katase" path led to a bad end? But it's not based on an eroge. Oh well.

7) Have to look for the B Gata manga, I guess....

* * *

Late January, and February in its entirety, comprise the worst time of the year. Even though the days are technically longer than around the winter solstice, still it seems to be dark and dank and no fun. Worst part of the winter, definitely.

Some of that must come from the physics of Earth's orbit around the sun. If you look at the analemma, you see that the boreal winter solstice takes a long time to climb out of. There's a lot of "dwell" between February 1 and March 1, where the sun doesn't move much in the sky.

Some pictures of the analemma.)

In fact, starting at the winter solstice--Dec 21--it takes nine weeks for the sun to climb 15 degrees.

Interesting tidbit: the Earth is closest to the sun on Jan 2, and farthest around July 3.

Anyway, it all conspires to make late winter in the northern hemisphere a cold, dank, dreary mess of a season.

* * *

I guess I'd better get off the computer and start doing some stuff.

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