atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2506: This kind of weather annoys me

It's not snowy, but it's not clear, and it's just mucky and cold and crappy.

Last week we had freezing drizzle and a bunch of other not-fun crap and the driveway's been a sheet of ice since then--and I used up what little salt I had left the other day--so I headed out to Ace for salt. I bought two 50-lb bags of the stuff; if I can't de-ice the driveway with that, it's a new freakin' ice age and we're all doomed.

(No I'm not going to use both of them at once. I'm trying to de-ice the driveway, not pickle the damn thing.)

(Mmmm...pickled asphalt.)

Somewhere in the garage is a fertilizer spreader; I'm tempted to drag it out and use it to spread the salt. It'd be easier on me than scattering it by hand. Considering that salt dissolves readily in water, it wouldn't even preclude using it to spread fertilizer later; just hose it out really well and it'd be fine.

The problem: finding it. *sigh* That would take longer, and more effort, than scattering the salt by hand.

* * *

Sailor V finally logged on to WoW last night, and we ran around for a couple hours killing stuff. Now that he's got the client on his main computer we should be able to play more often.

* * *

I finally managed to find enough paperwork to work out a) what each share of the estate looks like; and b) what the property taxes are going to run.

Since it's Illinois, the property taxes are $ASSRAPE: they work out to about $300 per month. And I'm not entirely sure that's correct, because now that I think of it I recall hearing something about existing homeowners having a grandfather rate; the instant the property changes hands, the rates go up to the current rate.

...for the kind of property taxes we've got here, you'd think our schools would be A-number-one first rate schools and that our streets and other public facilities would be the envy of the nation, nay, the world! --but they're not. The 201-U school district was a festering shithole when I was incarcerated in it, and it's no better now; in fact the school board is doing its damnedest to avoid getting reorganized by the feds for its inexcusably shitty performance under "No Child Left Behind".

And the rest of it--our parks are, shall we say, lackluster; the original Crete Park manages to be a nice place soley through sheer inertia, because they've got so many old-growth oak trees there. The rest of them are basically fields with fixtures. (Ie baseball diamonds and playground equipment.)

Will County is home to a shitton of crime--mainly property crime, though, if the "sheriff's blotter" section of the local weekly is any guide--and the Crete police apparently have other priorities than worrying about actual real criminals.

What the hell are we paying all this money for? Where the fuck is it going?

Answer: Democrat machine politicians, that's where. This is, after all, Illinois.

* * *

Anyway, that's one of several reasons why I intend to relocate to Indiana once the bunker is sold.

I was thinking this morning that it wouldn't take a hell of a lot to find the plot of land which is to be the site of the next bunker, and buy it--not once I have my chunk of the estate to hand--and it would even make for an inflation-proof hedge. I don't necessarily have to do anything with it right away; just keep it and pay the taxes on it and so forth, and then when the current bunker sells then start with the improvin' and the buildin' and stuff.

And live in an apartment for a few months while that's going on--or with my aunt and uncle, if they'd let me.

This is all well and good, of course, but I can't do anything until I've secured employment somewhere. So I'm right back to my list of priorities, with #1 right at the top, underlined, bolded, italicized, outlined in red:


...I don't know how to outline in red. Anyway I don't think LJ would let me. You get the idea.

* * *

Well, I just got a call from Sailor V, who's on WoW now. I'm gonna go help him kill stuff.

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