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#2507: Rahm is out (for the moment)

I couldn't be happier.

Look: the guy doesn't live in Chicago. Okay? He's rented his house out to someone else, but owning property here isn't the same as living here. (Neither is "I was gonna move back someday which is why I still own that house!") If he's allowed to run for mayor, why bother to have residency requirements?

The law says you have to live in the city for at least one year prior to the election; Emanuel has lived in Washington, D.C. for how long?

But of course because a prominent Democrat wants to be mayor of Chicago, the law shouldn't apply to him. After all, he owns a house there!

Of course the Democrat machine is in full spin mode: it's so terrible that the voters are being disenfranchised by having their choices limited.

The whole damn thing is crooked and always has been, but it used to be that the Democrat Machine at least gave the appearance of obeying the law. Now they don't give a rat's ass any longer; the law is for the little people, not for them.


* * *

Why increase supply when you can just ration energy?

They have a caption for a photograph: "Petrol rationing: Plans to give households energy tokens have been proposed in a bid to deal with global energy shortages and the climate change crisis."

There is no "climate change crisis", except in the imaginations of the global warming crowd. In order to say that there's a "crisis" you really have to stretch the definition of "crisis". Let's have some real-world examples from my own life:
WTF, I'm out of milk. It's a milk crisis!

I think I've gained weight. I'm suffering a fat crisis!

The weather is cold and dreary lately. It's a climate crisis!
There is no "climate change crisis".

And "global energy shortages"? There are none. The energy is there and flowing freely at market prices. Great Britain's problem is that they're trying to adhere to that "Kyoto Protocol" bullshit. That's why Britain--and Europe--are having an "energy shortage": a government program is limiting supply of energy.

I mean, they're trying to generate electricity for an industrialized nation with freakin' windmills. Here's a hint: we stopped using windmills for power the instant we had an alternative.

*sigh* What a load of horseshit.

* * *

Poor Elton John feels like a second-class citizen because California tried to ban gay marriage.

Fine, dude. Stay in England. Stop accepting all that filthy anti-gay American money.

Regardless, STFU.

* * *

Apparently there's no Obama birth certificate in Hawaii.

* * *

Anyone who finds this surprising doesn't understand the concept of "corporate sponsorship".

See, if Oprah gives away several hundred Pontiac G6s, it's big-time media exposure for Pontiac: everyone talks about how Oprah! gave away BRAND NEW PONTIAC G6 COUPES, and Pontiac's name gets plastered all over the place, for free, in places that normally wouldn't mention brand names.

It's advertising. And at that, it's cheap advertising: you pay Oprah some fee, and front the merchandise; even if the cars cost $30,000 apiece, and you pay Oprah a million dollars, you get nationwide media coverage for ten million bucks--and that is outrageously cheap for the kind of buzz it generates.

* * *

Do we really need to eat eight servings of fruit and vegetables per day? It was five, but now someone's done a study that says "eight", and I think it's all a bunch of horseshit.

* * *

Performance art? Someone put a piano on a sandbar.

This reminds me of the story from a couple years ago where someone found an upright piano out in the woods, with no sign of how it got there. Same person? Copycat? Alien conspiracy?

* * *

WEERD garners some amusement from a liberal bully's asinine blog post.

Here's what the liberal anus has to say:
I was hoping I could immerse myself in reading, so the boring hours of forced captivity would pass by unnoticed. I had brought one book, written by a friend. But it was turning out to be a dreadfully-written tome, and the full horror of my situation was just starting to sink in. I would be sitting amongst the unwashed masses all day, with nothing to do but make small talk.

With small people.
Yeah, that's a typical liberal attitude: I'm the smartest guy in the room. These people are all stupid, helpless proles who can't take care of themselves. I bet some of them voted for Bush! I'm much better and smarter than anyone else here.

Then the idiot goes on to bully a guy who's physically smaller than him because the guy's listening to music and he's not supposed to be doing that!

Oh, yeah, you're a real man, aren't you?

What a tool.

* * *

Limbaugh explained the real reason Democrats want a non-partisan seating arrangement: it hides the massive GOP majority.

* * *

I can't believe that this is the last week of January. December took forever to get through; I think December was longer than the entire rest of 2010 combined.

* * *

So apparently a lot of people in the Chicago area are butthurt over the Bears losing to the Packers. I read a story in the Sun-Times about some car salesman being fired because he wouldn't take off his Packers tie. WTF.

For Christ's sake, it's just a goddamned football game. Shit. Get some goddamned perspective, you idiots!

As you can probably tell, I don't give a rat's ass.

* * *

Last night I logged off WoW and threw in the first DVD of Azumanga Daioh, which I hadn't watched for ages. I managed to watch two episodes before I grew too tired to concentrate any longer.

I enjoyed it as much as I remembered enjoying it, so that's good. I'll probably keep watching until I get tired of it.

* * *

I can't believe how much time it takes for me to get everything done. I suppose if I could just get moving, it wouldn't be so bad, but by the time I've fed the cats and myself, and attended to the other chores of the morning, it's afternoon.

Tomorrow I have to be at the dentist's at 11 AM, which means having all that done by 10:30 so I can hop in the shower. (The dentist is about a 2 minute drive from here.)

"Work expands to fill all available time." I know; so when I'm working full-time somehow I'll be able to do all this a lot quicker than I do now. I guess it's the fact that I have no real time pressure that makes it take me so long to get anything done.

Looked at that way, I feel a lot less lazy than I am.

...I'm not really a lazy person; it's just that when there's no reason to rush, I don't. Hopefully I will soon no longer have the luxury of that.

The other thing I can do without is an aftereffect of Mom's death: I find myself just coasting to a stop and thinking about stuff. Having nothing else to focus on, I find that my attention gets grabbed by something and I just coast to a stop. I don't know if being easily distracted is a sign of depression, but it's damned annoying regardless.

Well, WTF. I'm not the only person who ever had to deal with this kind of thing.

But little by little, the important tasks are getting done, and progress is being made. I guess that's about the best I can hope for.

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