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#2513: Run to Reagan

So with the way the media was attempting to drape Reagan's skin all over Obama this past week, only this evening did it occur to me:

The Democrats do that every time their poll numbers start to flag.

The Democrats and the left in this country hate HATE HATE!!! Ronald Reagan and everything he stood for, but whenever things look bad for them, they run to Ronald Reagan and try to compare themselves favorably to him. The media's doing it for Obama; but I remember seeing Al Gore get his hair styled to look like Reagan's, and I'm sure I'm forgetting other examples.

I have to wonder about it: does anyone actually buy that crap? Does it work? It must, since they keep doing it; but it seems to me that employing this tactic will actually convince no one but those who are too stupid to know how to vote in the first place. "Shucks! Time's got a pic of Obama and Reagan on the cover! I din't know they was friends!" *sigh*

* * *

So when Sailor V decided to try WoW, I started a character named "Mophus" at the same time he started his first toon, Chisulm. That way, I'd have a character of the same level, so I could run around the starting area with him and help him learn to play.

Mophus is an homage to one of the pre-generated characters for the Atari ST game Dungeon Master. There were several names from that game which still stick with me besides Mophus: Tiggy Tamal, Lindflas, and Wuuf the Bika.

The character graphic for Mophus was of this black man with a huge white 'fro. Tiggy was a halfling with curly blonde hair. Lindflas was an old man; and Wuuf the Bika was some kind of wolf-man. (I may yet create a worgen and name it Wuuf, if I can. Maybe Wüüf or something.)

Anyway, so when I made Mophus, I gave him the darkest possible skin tone...and a flat-top crew cut, the hairstyle they call "military" in the game. He's a warlock.

The funniest damn thing about Mophus: when he's swimming just right, all you can see of him is his flat-top. It looks like some weird kind of self-propelled scrub brush.

Anyway, so Sailor V's toon just hit 35th level because he's been playing so much; Mophus only just hit 33rd before I called it quits for the night. Chisulm's not very far ahead of Mophus, but it goes to show how much Sailor V's been playing the game.

When it came time to choose a talent tree at 10th level, I picked "Demonology", and one of the perks of that tree is that you get the felguard pet right away, rather than having to wait for 20-something-th level. And over the course of the time since then, I've discovered something:

For being the most powerful demon pet you can have, the felguard sure is a whiny bitch.

When you send him into combat, he says one of the following:
Too pathetic to fight your own battles?
Your fate will be the same.
An interesting diversion.
A paltry task.
As for that second bit, the one about my fate? In the pre-Cata version of the game, you had to fight and defeat a demon in order to bind it to your will. So every time the whiny bitch says that, I think, "Oh? Bring it! I'll just re-summon your ass after I've kicked it back to hell."

The voidwalker and imp, at least, know their place. They don't complain about it; they just do what you tell them. The imp makes wisecracks and the voidwalker makes comments about needing to feed--I don't have enough experience with the succubus to remember, offhand, what it says. I've never had good results using the succubus in combat--but they don't freakin' whine whenever I tell them to go kill something.

The imp and voidwalker don't have any more lines than the felguard does; but the repetition from them doesn't bother me, because they're not crying about their situation. I mean, WTF--they get to come to the mortal realm and kill things; isn't that a nice break from an eternity of hell?

It'd be fun to record my own quips and use them instead of the standard ones, but replacing the sound files in the game's database would probably break the damn game.

* * *

So: I get the driveway nice and clear, and what's in the forecast? More global warming! Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, there's greater than even odds we'll get snow!

And then Wednesday it gets cold!

Whee! Winter is fun!

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