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#2514: A measure of the faith gunnies have in the GOP

Hearing Og and Partner discuss the huge line at the Crown Point funshow, the point was raised that everyone was going to the funshow to stock up on "high capacity" magazines, because of the shooting in Arizona. It's got the Dems and the anti-rights folks talking about making "high capacity" magazines illegal again.

Because, y'know, you just can't kill very many people if you only have ten bullets in a mag. It took what's his face, the crazy guy in Arizona, emptying a 30-round mag to kill nine people. You know.

Anyway, the GOP controls the House of Representatives; even if a bill begins to work its way through Congress it can't pass the House. And without passing the House, it can't become law.

Sure, Obama could sign an executive order outlawing them. But the lawsuits that would attract.... Not to mention kicking his already-low popularity; the guy's already had to put on the Reagan costume the Democrats keep around in case they lose too much support. No way is he going to want to piss off the very real sector of Democrats who actually believe in the right to keep and bear arms. He can't afford to.

But it occurred to me that we've been here before and the GOP certainly didn't make any serious effort to repeal the "assault weapons" ban back in the Clinton years. They just let it expire and didn't renew it. They didn't have the guts to face Clinton down, particularly not after the budget fiasco where Clinton let the government shut down rather than sign the budget, and the press all repeated the Democrat talking points about "Republican obstructionism". The GOP couldn't stomach the notion of having any bill vetoed; they turned into Clinton's bitch for the remainder of his term in office.

Why should this new crop be any different? People like me are still waiting for the other shoe to drop; we're afraid that it's going to happen while hoping it doesn't.

I think the long line at the gun show is indicative of that.

* * *

Anyway, dinner tonight was beef stroganoff, using a recipe I found somewhere on-line. I don't know who's blog it was, but it sounded good, so I cut-and-pasted it into a text file.

I had to go to the store for bread this morning, so I bought the materials, and off I went.

I put 1.6 lbs of "stew beef" into a crock pot, added a pack of onion soup mix, and covered it with water, as the recipe said. I let it cook on high for 3 hours.

I began boiling noodles and added the McCormick Beef Stroganoff mix; and when the noodles were done I stirred in about 8 oz of sour cream and spooned it over the noodles.


It's so good, I'm finding myself wanting to lick the sauce off the plate. This one's a keeper, all right.

Whoever's recipe this is, thank you. I wish I'd made note of your name so I could give you proper credit, because this is really good and it's also really easy.

The only things I'm doing different next time I make it: 1) I'm going to cut the meat into smaller pieces; 2) I'm going to start it earlier and slow cook it; 3) I'm going to add a can of mushrooms when I start the stuff cooking.

...I'm already thinking about having another serving. Not because I'm particularly hungry any longer; just because it tastes so damned good.

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