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#2517: Business is, for the moment, done.

I hit the rest of the banks today, and got it done...for the most part.

Turns out the first bank I went to, on the 10th, has no one listed as beneficiaries. I was there when the paperwork was done; I know that we kids were listed as beneficiaries, damn it. So now I've got to find Mom's copy of the paperwork and go back and pitch a bitch. Or three.


Could I remember to bring the checkbooks with me? Oh no, I could never do something intelligent like that. So I got home, wrote deposit slips, turned around, and went to the local bank. Then I went to K-mart for some shelves so I can do something with the morasse in the basement, and to the grocery store for a few minor sundry supplies. (Bread, cheese, ham, Pepsi. The important stuff, you know.)

K-mart had Slim-Fast on sale, 2 6-packs for $10...and a coupon for $3 off any two. Total cost: $7 and change, which is unbeatable.

Man, it feels like I ran all over creation--well, I certainly hit every spot in the local zone! I came about this > < close to going to the bookstore, but decided against it: I bought a gun on Saturday, and have no money for manga.

I wasted about half an hour this morning deciding that I'd better start looking in the immediate area for something to pay the bills, be it making sandwiches or flipping burgers or whatever, because the longer this goes on the less optimistic I become. The job market is dicks right now, but I need some kind of income, so I'd better start firing off applications, and worry about the rest of it later on.

Working for the place I intervewed would have been nice; it would have solved a lot of problems...but what can you do? It's been almost two weeks, and nothing; and the stuff I'm hearing through the back channel does not give me much room for optimism. I'm told that I just about knocked their socks off at the interview, but if they're still dithering about it two weeks on, WTF does that say?

I'd better go on to the linkaround before I get depressed.

* * *

Vox Day: Trust not in Republicans. I'm afraid that my worst fears going into the elections of 2010 are being realized: the Republicans are screwing it up.

I don't think the GOP understands its position, here. They haven't been given a mandate to continue "business as usual, 2006" or anything resembling it; most of the GOP winners in the last election owe their victories to people like me who were saying, "You've got one more chance to govern like conservatives," and they're blowing it.

The other Vox Day link is his usual Monday WND column; this one's about Egypt. His comments echo my own sentiments: we're not seeing a pro-democracy revolution here so much as we're seeing "Iran, 1979" all over again.

I doubt there'll be anyone stupid enough to let "students" seize control of an American embassy and hold hostages for more than a year--the terrorists are a lot more politically savvy than that, now--but you can expect the next government of Egypt to be a thoroughgoing islamic dictatorship exactly like the one in Iran, which expends no effort in making it look like the people have a say in their government. And this new Egyptian government will directly threaten the existence of Israel.

Sultan Knish finds the timing suspicious.

* * *

ObamaCare found unconstitutional. Well, as long as the ruling stands, that's good news for all of us. But will it stand?

Probably not.

* * *

I've been pondering the Ruger I bought Saturday.

...tomorrow afternoon, at this time, the STUPID ILLINOIS waiting period will have expired, and I can pick up my gun.

Also, tomorrow afternoon, at this time, it's supposed to be snowing.

They're saying 12-18" of snow here, Tuesday night into Wednesday afternoon. There might be lake effect involvement pushing the total even higher. If that's the case, I'll be here all day Wednesday, and I have to wonder if I'd be able to go anywhere on Thursday, even.

For damn sure I'm going to be running the snowblower 3-4 times this week. I don't think it can cope with 12" so I'll let 6" fall and run it, then another 6", and so on. Shit.

Now, the Jeep is equal to the task; the question is, how eager am I to try out my new shootin' iron? Can I wait until Thursday? Well, no, of course I can wait. Question is, do I want to?


I'd at least like to go pick it up tomorrow afternoon. I'd intended to wait until Wednesday, but I'm not going to with the kind of weather they're predicting.

Oh well.

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