atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#252: Over the line

I went to Pennock's Fiero Forum, as I do several times per day, and was greeted with this:

It says:

Ok, apparently some people of "RealFieroTech" have found my business forum here:

and they have messed it up completely. Also, they apparently PM'd every single member on that forum with some story about how I'm a fraud and the software I'm selling is stolen or something to that effect.

You know, I don't really care that they hate me and PFF, but this is directly affecting my business and me, and the future of my child. In short, I am not amused at all by this and I will not simply laugh this one off.

It will take some time to clean this one up and in the meantime, I will need to close PFF so I have the time to do it.

And to the ones who are responsible for this: This no longer is a simple internet quarrel. You have decided to take it a step further. I will take every legal effort to make sure you pay for this.

"RealFieroTech" (RFT) was a Fiero forum started by people who were banned from PFF--mostly because they were either abrasive dickheads who didn't know how to politely disagree, or pure trolls. Either way, they--deprived of access to the nicest Fiero forum on the internet--created their own pool to piss in.

The primary reason for the existence of RFT was to serve as a place for these pathetic morons to vent their spleens over how much of a jerk Cliff Pennock was for not letting them shit all over his forum.

The buttplugs at RFT have periodically done things to screw with Cliff's forum--such things as hacking passwords to get in, trying to spoof the registration system so they could register under new usernames, etc--and every time their stupidity has been rapidly put down. Cliff's pretty good at what he does.

This takes the cake, though. And by telling people that Cliff stole the software he writes and sells, they may have just opened themselves to lawsuits for libel or slander or what-the-hell-ever it is when you knowingly post defamatory information on an internet forum--to say nothing of whatever criminal charges might descend from such behavior.

I'm not kidding; the courts take that kind of thing very seriously and I'm certain that there are very few judges who would be amused at the sophomoric antics of a bunch of pea-brained imbeciles.

The saddest part of it is that PFF is closed; the best resource on the internet for Fiero information is inaccessible while Cliff cleans up after a bunch of dickless stooges with the emotional maturity of two-year-olds. They are probably congratulating themselves on "shutting PFF down"--but chances are they will come to regret this.

At least, I hope so.

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