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#2521: I needed my parka

I got up, fed the cats, and then suited up to do battle.

I managed to get the snowblower most of the way down the driveway when I realized I really need something on my neck and began mulling the possibilities as I finished my first pass. Scarf? Sweater? What I really need is a hood, I thought, and then it hit me:

I have a parka!

When I bought the coat I normally wear in winter, I also bought a parka because it was on clearance and I got a 10% employee discount on top of that. I think I paid $50 for two winter coats in early 2006. They were both a bit darker than pea green, a color I don't mind because I have no taste or style anyway, and I really needed a new coat. (Looks a bit like faded camo. Let people think what they will, sez I.)

I never wore the parka before today.

And damn what a difference it made. The wind was blowing the snow all over me, including into my face, and I remained toasty warm. No more of that snow down the back, none on my neck, not even any on my cheeks. My glasses fogged up something fierce--until I took them off, realizing I didn't need to see fine detail but I did need to see more than a vague grey fog.

How warm did the parka keep me? Get your brain bleach ready:

...I'm sitting here in my underwear. I was a bit too warm when I was outside; when I came in, it felt like walking into an oven. I got the outdoor clothes off, and was sitting here and sweating; I took my sweat pants off, and just now took my shirt off, because I'm too frickin' hot. My internal thermostat adjusted to "ice age", I was out so long.

So what's it like out there?

The snow is a foot deep. It's a foot deep where it's not drifting. Okay? The damn drifts are up to my knees.

So it took me over an hour to do half the driveway and the front porch. It's not clear; the Escort's not going anywhere for a while unless I somehow manage to plow it right through the morasse. (Wouldn't put it past an Escort; they're capable.)

Holy crap. We got a lot of snow; it stopped around 1:30 AM, but it started snowing again (lake effect this time) around the time I was getting ready to go out and do battle. So I know I'm going to have to do this again, though hopefully not against as much snow.

Power: the power failed once last night, for about a minute, at 1:10 AM. Other than that, there was one flicker around 9-ish. Com Ed gets an "attaboy" for that, though I'm pretty confident it's actually because the summer weather of the past few years knocked out all (or most of) the weak links.

"Midwest buckles under storm," sez AP.

You liberal pants-wetters in New York thought you could ignore a blizzard, and totally lost your shit when you got hit with this kind of weather. We, on the other hand, know better than to try to out-tough Mother Nature.

Or, most of us do, anyway:
Jenny Theroux, 23, told the Associated Press she was stranded from 4 p.m. Tuesday until about 4 a.m. Wednesday. Stranded just 800 feet from an exit, she repeatedly called the city for information.

"It was a very stressful experience toward the end, especially not knowing what's going on," Theroux said, after abandoning her car. "I'm just very confused as to why it all transpired this way."
It's because you're an idiot. That's why it "transpired this way".

It was no secret that the bad weather--a blizzard--was coming and that it would come from the northeast, and if you're on a road called LAKE SHORE DRIVE you might want to think about the possible consequences of very cold, high winds blowing across a freakin' inland sea, and what that might do to a road right on the shore of that body of water. Anyone who's lived here long enough knows that Lake Shore Drive turns into a nightmare in winter when gale-force winds come roaring off the lake.

The article doesn't say what kind of vehicle she was driving, but I'd wager it wasn't a 4x4. (And if I hadn't had the Jeep, I sure as shit would not have gone and gotten my gun yesterday.)

Bet on Ms. Theroux suing. *sigh*

In any case, it looks like--hopefully--the worst of it is over. I'm still sitting here, sweating my ass off and reeking of 2-cycle smoke, but the driveway is clear enough to use and the mailman won't need snowshoes to get at the mailbox.

Assuming there's mail delivery today.

I didn't see the newspaper anywhere. I assume that it wasn't delivered today; at least, I saw no evidence of it. Perhaps today's paper will show up sometime in spring, after all this "global warming" melts.

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