atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2530: On second thought, that was probably a mistake.

You see, I had some things that I really wanted to get done today, and I finally did them all after 10 PM.

Bills: paid.
Laundry: started.
Christmas tree: put away.
Garbage: out. I thought, "While I'm waiting for the laundry to finish I'll play WoW."

Ended up in Shadowfang Keep with Sailor V; and we had to stop halfway through and restart it because I died and released to graveyard just as he killed the mid-chain bad guy who was a quest object. I wasn't in the instance when the bad guy died, so I didn't get credit for his death...and the only way to fix it was to re-start the whole instance. *sigh*

We finished the instance and I ran around getting some crap taken care of; and suddenly it's freakin' 3 AM and I'm still not in bed. Argh etc. Instead of going back into WoW, I should have done anything else.

But! The stuff on my plate for tomorrow is all inside stuff, anyway. I need to find some paperwork and search for the safe deposit box key (still). Also, I need to clean the basement.

Paying the bills pointed out to me how little money I actually need in the coming months to stay alive and keep the house warm; it's not as much as I feared. January's bills were heinous because so much crap hit at the same time--including $560 for my health insurance (thanks, Democrats! Thanks, Obama!), $500 for dental bills, and so on--but February's bills are actually not too bad. Looks like about $400 per month will keep the place running; and my siblings are supposed to be helping me with the utility bills. That being the case, then, I should be able to get any job doing anything, for minimum wage even, and as long as I work 40 hours a week it'll pay the bills and I won't have to starve (or eat ramen three days a week). Even 38 hours a week would do it, to be honest.

Food is averaging around $100 per week, though I don't know how long I can keep that up--it involves a lot of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, and I'm starting to get tired of them.

Just gotta keep doing the best I can, I guess.

* * *

In Sunday's Best Buy ad I saw a new $900 Asus desktop PC with an I7 processor in it...and I drooled.

I think I'd rather buy a Gateway, so it'd end up costing more, but an I7 processor would make WoW scream.'s going to be a while before I can think about something like that. *sigh*

* * *

Anyway, so Darkmaster hit 20th level on Sunday morning; and 12.5 minutes later he hit level 21 because of the way I had been running quests. I had about eight quests to turn in after I hit 20th; most of that 12.5 minutes was spent, in fact, on finishing a couple of them. So I hearthed to Thelsamar and turned in 6 quests there, then took a gryphon to the Farstrider Lodge in Loch Modan and turned in the rest...and hit 21st before I'd turned in the last of them. Heh.

12.5 minutes is a record for me.

So with all the instance-running I did tonight, Darkmaster got to "revered" with both Gnomeregan and Ironforge; so when Sailor V and I had finished, I hit Ironforge and got the Gnomeregan and Ironforge satchels. Hooray for bag space!

Next I'm going to Kalimdor to get tabards for Gilneas, Darnassus, and Exodar, so I can do the same with them; then I'll have all 16-slot bags on my toon and probably 1 or 2 in my bank tab as well.

For the longest time I didn't see the point of the 20+ slot specialty bags, like the 20-slot engineering bag...and then the other day it hit me: you put bags in your bank tab. The class of "bags" includes specialty bags.

Yeah: so I had Vicki send Darkmaster 60 gold, and he spent 54GP on a 20-slot engineering bag; and now all the parts and gewgaws and other engineering junk goes in there and doesn't take up room in regular inventory slots. And I have 20 freakin' slots to put engineering stuff into.

That almost makes me feel smart, y'know?

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