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#2532: Stuff I should've mentioned the first time.

Last week, when I went to Lansing to pick up my (STILL UNTRIED) Ruger, I had to run the defroster at maximum the entire time lest my windshield freeze up.

I don't mean fog up; I mean freeze, as in the falling snow hitting the thing and freezing to it. Like water, glass has a pretty hefty specific heat capacity. When the snow is falling fast enough to suck the heat out of glass, it's a freakin' blizzard, all right.

Most of the time, you run the defroster on high long enough to heat the windshield past freezing and you can turn it down, because some heat is always coming from the defroster vents. The HVAC box doesn't perfectly seal off unused vents, and in fact you don't really want it to because--in cold weather--the hot air rising from the defroster keeps the window clear.

The windshield wipers were collecting ice, too, periodically rendering them useless. I had to keep opening the driver's window, so I could grab the driver's side wiper blade on the dwell, lift it a couple inches, and let it drop, thus dislodging the ice from it. Otherwise it would start doing that thing where it misses an annular streak, which would then freeze. (Which usually happens precisely at eye level.)

So every so often, on the trip back, I had to open the windows, because I was boiling and turning down the heat--or turning down the fan speed--would result in the windshield freezing.

Well, I survived, somehow.

* * *

I realized, this afternoon, that I watched no new anime in January.

I watched some Azumanga Daioh, so I didn't go cold turkey or anything, but I haven't watched any of the new stuff I torrented. I've got at least two series from the fall season which are ready to go, but I've just been all "meh" about it.

The guys who have been re-releasing Mizuiro Jidai have, in fact, released an episode I have never seen. #13, "Jealousy", is the first ep of that series that I haven't seen yet since, uh, 2000? 2001?

That's how long I've waited for it. Shit. There should be about four or five more; once I've got 'em all I'll put it on the playlist.

* * *

I faded out this afternoon and took a nap; I woke up wanting gyros, so that ended up being dinner. When I was leaving the gyro place, some retard in his Mom's Tahoe pulled into the lot and--seeing that it was empty and had a fresh dusting of snow--decided to do a few donuts.

I heard his engine spool up--kind of--and knew what was going on without having to look, so I didn't; but once I was in the Jeep my eyes were pointed that direction (he was, fortunately, on the other side of the old "drive in" pavilion). I found myself thinking, "This is when the moron hits something and rolls the truck," but fortunately he didn't.

Eh? "Kind of"? Look, if you're going to do a proper donut, you can't just give the thing half throttle; you've got to gun it, and you've got to keep it gunned. You have to drop the trans into 1-Lo (or whatever you call it when the trans can't shift out of first gear) and you need to keep it pretty close to the floor. In some cases, you need to keep your other foot on the brake pedal, lightly, to put some drag on the front wheels. And, of course, you'll have the steering wheel cranked hard over. This guy was doing it all wrong.

But that's not why I was completely unimpressed. Look, I get the youthful impulse to do donuts in a slippery parking lot; really I do. But this venue was not the place for it. First off, there wasn't much room; second, someone's car was parked there and he could have run into it if something went wrong. I was unimpressed because this idiot clearly had no freakin' clue about what he was doing, nor was he giving any thought whatsoever to the possible consequences of his actions. He saw a (nearly) empty parking lot and decided to do a donut without giving the matter any sentient thought whatsoever.

And he did it wrong. That was the worst part: it wasn't even a good donut.

I'm starting to think I should carry around number boards, you know? So I could hold up a big 02 whenever some dickhead does something stupid like that.

"Oh-two? What does that mean?"
"Out of ten. You know, like figure skaters at the Olympics."

* * *

Yeah: can you imagine how pissed off that kid's mom would have been if he'd rolled her Tahoe doing a crappy donut in a fast food parking lot? And I would have had to stick around if he had; 'cause I'd have to tell the cops, "He was doing donuts, hit [whatever] and rolled the truck. Idiot."

* * *

Yes I used to do the same kind of thing, when I was younger. I never did any donuts, but I did skids and stuff. Always in EMPTY! parking lots, where there were NO CARS or other things to run into. Even when I was being a dumbass shit-for-brains kid, I was smarter than that dork in his Mom's Tahoe was.

* * *

Today there was a message on the answering machine for my brother. So-and-so (I didn't bother to remember who) was calling from such-and-such (she mumbled the name so I couldn't understand it) to see if doctor You-know-who, "O-B-G-Y-N", was interested in working with blah-blah (more mumbling).

At first I dithered about it, wondering whether I should bother forwarding the message to my brother, because It Might Be Important; but I decided against it and deleted it without even bothering to record the details.

1) My brother, being a doctor, has an office and receptionist, shared with his partners. The phone number of this office is not secret. This person could have called him there and--I'd wager--probably has, and was rebuffed.

2) My brother and my late father have the same name. My parents never saw the sense in paying extra for an unlisted number.

3) Obviously, this person did an Internet search, found the house number, and called, thinking she'd get to talk to the doctor at his home number. Or, at least, hoping to.

4) My brother has not lived here for at least 22 years; if this person's information is that far out of date, I doubt it's anything of any real importance, at least to my brother.

I'm thinking they won't bother calling again; but if they do, I intend to call them back and tell them not to call here again.

I plan to say that yes, my brother did live here 22 years ago, and that no, I'm not going to help them bother him. They can look up his office number and call him there if they must, but I'm not going to give them any of his private information; and in any case I want them to stop calling here.


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