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#2536: Egypt, and stuff.


You know, no one in the media was stomping all over Amahdinejad the way they're pounding Mubarak, back when the news said "Iran" instead of "Egypt".

I'm a lot more concerned with US national interests than I am with "spreading democracy". I'd rather keep Egypt an "almost friendly to US" dictatorship than have it slide down the exact same path Iran did after 1979.

Especially since Iran basically traded one dictator for another. The people of Iran are arguably less free than they were 30 years ago, and in the bargain the regime there is hostile to the United States. Say what you will about the Shah; at least he was nice to us.

With Egypt, Obama is doing exactly what Carter did with Iran, and for many of the same reasons...and if Mubarak doesn't manage to hang on--at least until the end of his term--Egypt is going to end up being another Iran.

I think the protests in Iran that Obama ignored pretty much give the lie to how "democratic" Iran actually is--which is to say not at all--and there's no reason to expect any better an outcome in Egypt.

Most nations in the middle east have no clue how to properly construct a democratic republic, and they wouldn't care if they did as it runs counter to so many principles of islam. One way or another, the Egyptians are going to be ruled over by a tyrant; the only difference will be whether or not that tyrant is an ayatollah.

A lot of people are enthusiastic over this, saying that it's a great thing because Democracy! But I'm not so optimistic.

And the latest news I've seen is that there's been a coup, that the Egyptian military has "suspended" the Egyptian parliament and fired Mubarak's cabinet.

...and today is the anniversary of the Iranian islamic revolution: Feb 11, 1979. Somehow I doubt it's a coincidence.

* * *


An image shamelessly stolen from Steven's top rotation led me to ask a simple question:

Why does she need the float ring?

* * *

So it's Friday again. How does this keep happening to me?

* * *

...the last time I had Chinese, the news was on at the Chinese place, and there was a story about the Chinese new year parade in Chicago.

Reporterette: "Despite the miserable weather, they partied like it's the"

Subtext: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, the ignorant minorities, thinking its 4701 when it's actually 2011, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, look at them out in the snow celebrating the wrong year on the wrong day 'cause everyone knows the real new year begins January 1st!


* * *

The major problem I have with Fairy Tail is that Lucy's boobs are distracting.

C'mon--tell me you'd be able to concentrate on the action and subtitles with that goin' on. If so, you're either gay, female, a zen monk, or a Pak Protector, 'cause...damn.

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