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#2537: Why am I afraid to go to sleep?

Because I went to bed, and when I got up, Mom had a stroke.

No, it's not logical. This stuff never is. So whenever I find myself getting tired, I get anxious.

That explains why I couldn't sleep during the first week afterwards, anyway. It explains why sometimes I get a panic attack about bedtime.


* * *

I'm telling you, she sure doesn't look like she did in the pool:

You can kind of see that she's got a nice chest, but it's not as obvious here.

* * *

Via Ace of Spades.

This is probably the most inspiring spaceflight video I've seen in ages, and quite possibly ever.

The problem is, every time the guy made a point about how great the current push to commercialize space is, I thought, Yeah--if they let them.

The problem is that the people who want to stand in the way of all this don't care about the benefits of the commercialization of space. In fact, they don't want those benefits. What they want is to ensure that government is in control of everything, as much as possible; and they can't get that if people can just go and do whatever they want to do. As soon as space flight is routine--as soon as people can actually leave Earth and go out there and stay there--government will lose control of a lot of it. Think "America, 1770s" only in space, where the US government is England. Yeah.

"Call your Congressman!" The guy urges. "Call your Senator!" I'd be wasting my breath: my Congressman and my Senators are anti-business, anti-space, anti-everything this guy and these companies stand for.

But damn if it still doesn't sound awesome. God willing and the creek don't rise, in about 20 years maybe I'll get to go out there and do stuff myself. Sure beats staying here!

* * *

Apparently the second season of Kimi ni Todoke is made of just as much awesome as the first season. This really makes me want to watch what we've got--contrary to my policy of waiting to have at least half the run on hand before I start watching a series--but I'm going to do what I can to suck it up and wait.

This policy of mine came into being after:

a) New eps of Lovely Complex were getting delayed by fansubber stupidity
b) the whole School Days/"Nice Boat" fiasco.

* * *

I hate my metabolism, part 98,435:

Without any warning or foreshadowing, suddenly I'm having an attack of hypoglycemia. Everything's fine; then wham I'm feeling dizzy and sweaty and I need food. I was preparing to go to bed, just blogging a bit about random stuff--and now I have to assemble a meal rich in protein and fat, or ELSE.

Argh. Well, I guess I'll go get a McSkillet, because I don't feel like cooking anything.

ADDENDUM I went to McDonald's, and on the way there I thought, "You know, I want a milkshake, too."

Well: "Our machine is down." Fine. I got my food and hied myself to the other McDonald's in the area, scarfing one of the McSkillet breakfast burritos on the way. When I got there, I learned that their machine was down.

Hint: instead of saying, "Our machine is down," say something like, "We don't serve milkshakes during breakfast hours." "Our machine is down" implies that it is merely broken.

Anyway, so I tried going to the Circle K across the street from the Crete McDonald's...only there was a sign in the window saying that their cash registers were down and they could only sell gas--nothing else.

Got stopped by a train on my way to Jewel to see if they'd changed their hours--they hadn't--and ended up at 7-11. I haven't been inside a 7-11 since 1985, when they jumped on the censorship bandwagon by deciding not to carry girlie magazines. (Long story.)

$3.04 later I had a pint of Snickers ice cream. I drove home and I ate it all.

I am sick of this shit. I'm trying to eat better; I'm trying to avoid eating meals before bedtime; I'm trying to sharply reduce my intake of sugar and simple carbohydrates--and for all this, what do I get? I get near-constant hypoglycemia, feeling like total shit, lack of energy, wooziness, and general malaise.

So I ate an entire goddamned pint of ice cream at one sitting


What the hell am I supposed to do?

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