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#2539: Annoyingt noise FOUND AND ELIMINATED!!!


I rearranged the shelves on the S wall of my room, as you may recall, to install a blab slab. Since then, there has been this annoying ticking sound that happened whenver I was typing.

I'm a fast typist; have been since the 1980s. When I was in my sophomore year of high school I took a typing class, because I wanted to be a writer and writers need to be able to type. That is the single best class decision I ever made. People are frequently amazed by my ability to rattle the keys. (People who aren't my niece from Maine. She's as fast as I am.)

Anyway, I'd be rattling along, and then I'd be distracted by this tick tick tick tick...and the most maddening thing about it was that it disappeared as soon as I stopped typing. As long as I was typing, there it was; but the instant I stopped, it did too.


It worried me: these shelves are supported by steel standards hung in a steel track. I have had one shelf, hung thus, collapse on me--I never want to experience that again, particularly not when the shelf in question would take out my computer monitor and the blab slab. (The shelf that collapsed was supported with aluminum hardware, rather than steel. I said many bad words.) "Tick tick tick" might be a prologue to "crash thud bang"; so periodically I'd stop writing and try to find the source of the noise. This has been going on since mid-December.

Well, this time, I found it.

I have some standards left over from the refit, and I want to get a hunk of 1x12 about 3.5 feet long to use as a mini-shelf; but in the meantime I've got stuff hung from the bare standards, including the vintage 1988 Koss Pro/4X Plus headphones I never use any more. And it turns out that that particular standard was the one making the noise; it only sounded like it was coming from the shelf above it. Without the headphones hanging from the thing, I'm blithely typing away and there's no ticking noise.

Don't expect the quality of the writing to improve much just because I eliminated a distraction.

* * *

Most of the first volume of the B Gata H Kei manga finally finished downloading. There are still a few files which are incomplete, but it's less than 10% of them and I could read the manga without missing too much.

The anime left some stuff out, worse luck; and some of it was pretty funny stuff. It'd be nice if I could find more of the B Gata manga; it's good.

* * *

I started a torrent of KissXSis manga (chapters 1-22) on October 10 of last year. It's still not complete. Three chapters are complete--3, 13, and 14--and the others are not. I have 82.7% of the whole torrent, and right now 84.5% is available. Of course, they're all compressed archives, so I can't see any of the images until and unless each archive file is complete.

For the most part the thing is a batch of individual chapters of the manga, but for some reason volume 2 is one file. It's trickling in at about a kilobyte per second, but it is downloading. Out of 44.5 MB, I have 41.2, but whichever peer is supplying the trickle, it's got all the chunks of this file that I'm missing--so I'm going to leave the machine on when I go to bed in hopes that this one file, at least, will finish, and I can read it.

* * *

I don't even know why I'm still up right now.

It's not that I had an anxiety attack and couldn't sleep; I never went to bed. I hit the hay around 9-ish and slept until midnight; then got up and reheated some pasta sauce and cooked some mostaccioli. I played WoW for a while; then I fiddled around with recording the OP for Asobi ni Iku Yo and reading the B Gata manga. I had a shower; I played 30 hands of solitaire on the computer. I didn't do anything in particular, yet now it's after 7:30 AM and I'm still not in bed.

So I think I'll feed the cats and rectify this.

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