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#2540: More Egypt, More Stuff

Egypt's parliament dissolved by the military junta. They also suspended the constitution and promised to hold elections.

It'll be interesting to see how--if--the junta keeps the elections from installing a bunch of islamic psychos in the government and turning Egypt into another Iran.

* * *

I ended up being awake until that volume of KissXSis finished downloading; then I unpacked the archive and had a gander.

Most of it was stuff I'd seen in the TV series; but there was one story smack-dab in the middle of it all that wasn't, for a damned good reason.

The girls, Ako and Riko, find a porno book in Keita's room. The book is one of several, accidentally left there by his friend. This particular book is a "story" in pictures about a guy making it with his two hot twin sisters. (Gee, sound familiar?) Inspired by the story, the girls make a Keita "doll" from his blanket, a teddy bear, and a felt tip marker; then they "ride" it. Yeah. Because "If this is what Keita likes, we'd better learn how to do it!" And then they start kissing while they're "riding" it; and in fact they go all the way to acquiring "treasure type O" with the thing. (No nudity, but they were wearing skirts; they basically dry hump the thing.) (Only, not so "dry", if you know what I mean.) (Jesus.)

Me while reading this: WTF.

The anime seems to follow the manga pretty closely, though, except for the stories which had to be omitted because this shit was being broadcast on TV.

The TV series may allude to the girls masturbating--alone, I mean--but never shows it. I was going to add that "masturbation scenes are the province of hentai OVAs" but then I remembered the masturbation scenes in the first ep of Yosuga no Sora, which was shown on TV. (It seems like I have to qualify every declarative statement I make, these days.) In any case, showing two blood-related girls dry-humping an impromptu sex doll while kissing would be just slightly beyond the pale.

(Or it would be, that is, for the moment. As western civilization gleefully races towards the gutter at breakneck speed, I have learned not to expect even a pretense at decorum, dignity, or propriety. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if next year there was a series like KissXSis where all the involved parties were related. I won't watch that one.)

KissXSis follows the typical H paradigm of "anything goes so long as it's hot girls doing it", so none of this is terribly surprising to me. The more I see of this series, the more bemused I am by it. It's downright hentai for a mainstream series, and whenever I stop to think about how ludicrous it gets, I can't help laughing. Unlike a lot of H stuff which dances around the boundaries of serious taboos, this series manages to be silly rather than disturbing. That's the only reason I'm still looking at it.

* * *

I decided, the other day, that I'd make beef stroganoff again. It's been a bit more than a week since I finished the last batch, and it's a good filling meal.

After finishing the silly manga, I went to bed; when I woke up around noonish, I defrosted a hunk of meat, cut it up, and started the stuff in the crock pot. Then I returned to bed.

But I didn't have any sour cream; so I resolved that when I woke up next, I'd go to the store for sour cream and maybe ice cream.

4-ish, I woke again; and although I really didn't want to move, I went to "Crete Country Market", the store formerly known as Seehausen's.

I don't know what they did, but it really looks like the place has turned a corner: everything is well-stocked again. They even have stuff stacked on the floor--for example, the main freezer aisle has a line of Gatorade cartons down the middle of it, and there was a person restocking the freezer. There were several customers in the place, too; it wasn't just me and maybe one other person.

I got out of there for $5 (16 oz of sour cream and a half-gallon of ice cream); I stirred the food, expecting to finish it and eat, but saw that the meat was still pink. I'd had the thing set on "low" since I expected not to eat before 5--kicked it to "high" and came in here to blog, and now it's been a bit more than an hour.

It was the first time I'd been over that way since the blizzard, and I was startled at the huge mountain of snow left on the side street there, between the store's parking lot and that of the laundromat. I mean, the pile has to be 20 feet high!

In 1979, I remember climbing a snow pile in that parking lot and being amazed that I was standing next to the sign, high up on its pole. (There used to be a sign in the SE corner of the lot; it got moved.) This pile is bigger; then again I think it's not just from the parking lot, but other places. That particular street is closed because of the snow that got piled there. Heh.

* * *

The OP for Asobi ni Iku yo is stuck in my head. The whole thing plays, then it ends, and then starts right back up again. Argh.

That's not how it's supposed to work; usually when you have a song stuck in your head, it just loops through some part. One trick that's supposed to work is to force the song to end--think of how it ends and "listen" to that--and that's not working here because the damn thing is on "repeat". *sigh*

So I'll just have to fight back.


Yeah, that's better.

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