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#2541: Valentine's Day. Whee.

Even if I were Japanese I bet I'd hate this shit. I have to admit, though, that their way of celebrating it is vastly superior to ours.

The number of years where I had a significant other on Valentine's Day, I can count on my fingers, and have some left over. I think I'd prefer the way the Romans celebrated it even though I'm not a violent guy (if reality worked differently I might even be a pacifist) --but my attitude towards this "greeting card" holiday is just dour enough to overcome that.

(BTW, fuck that "SAD" shit, too. That's just pathetic. If you're alone, the only thing you can do is ignore it entirely. Or blog about how much it sucks; that's my plan this year.)

The best remedy I've found for VD (the holiday, I mean) is the Kimagure Orange Road movie, I Want to Return to That Day. Why? Because it's the movie where the big love triangle is finally resolved, and it's resolved the way it damn well ought to be, and the girl who gets dumped does not get dumped with dignity or grace. It's an awesome thing to behold: THIS IS THE REALITY OF LOVE 99.997% OF THE GODDAMNED TIME, AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT.

Me? Bitter? Not at all. Why would you say that? Whysoever would I be bitter?

Furthermore, the dumpee in that story deserves it, as she's one of the most annoying characters in anime of all time. Which leads me to a Kanye West joke: "Yo yo, I know you just got dumped and all and Imma let you finish, but Hikaru Miyama was the best dumpee of all time. OF ALL TIME!"

Yeah: Hikaru versus Madoka, Madoka wins. Period, end of f-ing line. I mean, her voice was done by Hiromi Tsuru for Christ's sake!

"Ed, you're not making any sense." I know! That's what this shit does to me!

* * *

Nevermind all the VD nonsense. I know it's supposed to be "victory over violence against womyn" day and every college campus is going to put extra operators on the rape crisis hotlines while hosting performances of The Vagina Monologues (AKA Why Statutory Rape is Okay as Long as It's Lesbians!) but the that's because feminists are bitter about it, too, only for a different reason: their combative natures ensure that no one ever wants to risk offending them, and the best way to do that is simply never to have any romantic designs on them. (This is also why so many of them end up being weathered old lesbians.) Besides, half of them think heterosexual intercourse is rape, anyway.

* * *

...Sure, the FCC should leave the Internet alone. The quote is true: "Nothing is broken. Nothing needs fixing." But it's not about fixing anything; it's about expanding the power of the FCC.

When did the federal government actually manage to fix anything? Even by accident?

* * *

When they say "$1.1 trillion over ten years", they actually mean "$110 billion per year". That means that the annual deficit for each of those ten years will be $1.4 trillion instead of $1.5 trillion (that is, $1,390 billion rather than $1,500 billion).

It amounts to an annual cut of perhaps 2%.

Boortz points out that some of Obama's "budget cuts" involve raising taxes.

No one is talking about making real cuts--cuts that might actually do something about reducing the egregiously huge deficits--because no one actually wants to cut the budget.

C'mon, GOP: prove me wrong.

* * *

Looks like someone pulled Ol' Moammar's chain. Or maybe he's realized, Crap, this guy is weaker than Carter! I don't have to worry about getting bombed! I figure that when Reagan had Tripoli bombed in the 1980s, it was so traumatic for Moammar that only now has he relearned how not to shit his drawers when a door slams--evidenced by his emergence from his bomb shelter just in time for Egypt's islamic revolution.

I mean, this is the guy who--when the US went into Iraq--immediately called up the UN and the international press and said, "Hey, just in case you were wondering: we have absolutely no WMDs here in Libya! Okay? NONE! NONE AT ALL! THERE IS NO NEED FOR YOU TO BOMB ME, OKAY? OKAY???

Now that he's realized that A) Obama doesn't care about America's national interests, and B) Obama won't do a damned thing to islamic dictators, now he feels safe coming out of his burrow and acting like the islamic goon we all missed so sorely.

* * *

Going back to the "VD" theme for a moment, Playboy mansion spreads "mystery illness" but it's not VD. This time....

* * *

Unions love to talk about how "CEOs" make "four hundred times" minimum wage.

For example, Marty Beil, executive director of American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME )Council 24 SEPAC, made $161,847 in 2008 according to the organization’s Form 990. That’s considerably more than the $144,423 a year Scott Walker makes as Wisconsin’s Governor.
Figure a 40-hour work week and 2 weeks of unpaid vacation per year; that's 2,000 hours. $161,847 divided by 2,000 is about $80 an hour, which is ten times minimum wage, more or less.

So apparently the "wage gap" between management and labor is only important if it's greater than an order of magnitude? Or something?

Hypocrites. Of course.

* * *

The greenest energy source we've got is nuclear power. Holland has figured this out. How long will it take the rest of us?

Actually, France figured it out first. Why the hell are we behind France? Don't we have any pride? WTF.

* * *

Wyoming House says, "Go ahead and long as you're not drunk." I can live with that amendment to their bill authorizing concealed carry without bullshit permits. The exclusion won't matter to the people who ignore the law anyway, and the law-abiding will also be armed, so it's basically win-win.

* * *

Let's see--1990-1992, 2001-2003, 2007, 2009...Jesus, it's actually the literal truth. Out of 43 years on this planet, in eight years did I have a sweetie on this accursed holiday. That's not even 20%, for Christ's sake. Shit.

...if I stretch the definition of "have a sweetie" I can make it to 10, though: in 1993 I sent flowers to a woman I had dated a few times (she called me that night and ended it); and in 2005 I was still corresponding with Satomi, who sent me a box of food items typical of Nagoya (where she lived) and which included some chocolate. It was pretty close to der Tag which led me to ask if that's what it was, but she said she doesn't do that stuff. *sigh*

Yes I am better off than some people. No that's no consolation, for several reasons.

Actually, in 1985, I gave the girl I liked at school a single red rose. I left it on her doorstep at 2 AM, and the next day I saw her carrying it around school. A friend of mine had had the idea to do this sort of thing for the girl he liked (whom he'd dated a couple of times. He had the advantage of, y'know, not being the guy everyone in school made fun of). Hearing this, I decided I'd do something similar, and we made a covert op of it. It was fun.

It was also goddamned pathetic. *sigh*

All I'm saying is, it's hard enough being me; why do we have to have a holiday to emphasize it?

* * *

Okay, this cheers me up: Chiyo-chan in the penguin suit, doing some cheer-up exercises:

Here's the same scene, in context, with subtitles:

* * *

So the weather outside looks a lot more like typical February weather than last week's did; but it's above freezing and the snow is melting with alacrity. I'm not sad about this.

Actually, it seems like there's usually a thaw in February; but once that thaw's over, winter comes back and settles in for a few more weeks at least. Snow in April is not uncommon. Still, we're only a couple months away from springlike weather, and it'll be summer in a bit more than four months.

Last night, after dinner, I ended up crawling into bed and going to sleep, because nothing sounded fun and I was tired anyway. I slept until 1 AM; and was up for a scant 3 hours before I laid down again. But I couldn't get to sleep; around sunrise I fed the cats and made some grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, and then watched anime.

"Nothing sounded fun"--more ennui, dang it, which I ought to be used to by now. I never had this problem before I moved back to IL from Iowa in 2003. Then again, I had plenty of things to occupy me even when I was unemployed, and there were people around me all the time. When it's just you, though, it's a lot easier to get hung up on thinking about all the things you don't feel like doing while trying to figure out what it is that you want to do.

*sigh* Just go back to the first Chiyo-chan clip, there.

So far, Yawara! is following the track I predicted it would follow. Y-chan is at the World Cup in Seoul, and I am expecting it to come down to a big confrontation between her and Tereshkova. (As of ep 49, Tereshkova is still fighting Jody Rockwell; I expect Rockwell to lose much the same way she loses a match to Tereshkova earlier in the series: Tereshkova cheats.) (What else do you expect from a commie creep?) (Most of Yawara!--nearly all of it--took place before the fall of the Soviet Union.)

The top four are Belkens, a supermodel from Belgium; Jody Rockwell, from Canada; Yawara-chan; and Tereshkova.

The Russian looks like Arnold Schwartzeneggar with a bleached flat-top and feminine features; her voice does not match the character design whatsoever.

Belkens has teased purple hair and a nose like Jimmy Durante. She's supposed to be extra-beautiful, so it must just be the "every girl in the series except Yawara is drawn ugly" issue. (This gives me hope for Kumiko Kaga, Matsuda's cameraman after Kamoda. She's drawn ugly like all the other non-Yawara girls; but take that rule into account and it means she's probably rather cute.)

Jody Rockwell is approximately the size of Hokkaido. Yawara looks like Barbie next to her--I mean, like a Barbie doll, Jody is so huge; and she's got this yellow afro and another Jimmy Durante nose.

This is the first time Yawara has been in a sanctioned competition against athletes who can perform at anything approaching her level. When the match begins, Belkens grabs Yawara, then lets go as if she were radioactive, because she realizes, I'm going to get my ass kicked. Most of the time, the people Yawara fights don't recognize the danger they're in; Belkins is good enough to realize that she's in trouble.

When Jody Rockwell is introduced (a couple dozen eps before ep 49) she's speaking Engrish: "Yawara! We fight!" ...and she's speaking English with a Japanese accent. Well, there's only so much you can do, particularly when you're dealing with actors who know the foreign words only by rote. (Usually, it's obvious when this is the case.) I can kind-of justify it by telling myself, "She's simplifying her speech to make it easier for Yawara to understand it," but what native speaker of English is going to say, "We fight!" when trying to challenge someone to a judo match?

One scene with English that sticks out in my mind comes from Azumanga Daioh. Tomo is arguing with Kagura, and it goes something like this, English in italics:

T: Tell it to me in English!
K: You...are...fool! Basically, what I mean is, you're so stupid I don't know how you passed the entrance exam.
T: Well, you're the same!
K: In English!
T: You... mou.
Yomi: "Too."

Even better is the final sports festival episode, when the girls are talking about how their school still uses bloomers (the extra-tight skin-hugging spandex/lycra gym shorts) instead of jogging shorts or something else, and Mr. Kimura jumps into the conversation:

Kimura: Because I like them. In English,
Kagura: (thinking, horrified) "YOU?"

It's kind of funny to be a native English speaker and see these kinds of things; and you just know that it is--in part--a subtle dig at Americans who try using Japanese language in their creative efforts.

(Yes, I know about Hanzi Smatter; it's in my blogroll, so don't bother linking it.)

* * *

Ah, I'm too tired to think coherently and I'm babbling. Best thing to do about Valentine's Day is to sleep through it.

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